Justice For Kalief Browder (outro) Lyrics

(News Reporter)
A young boy thrown in jail as a sixteen years old high school sophomore,
Now, more than three years later, this young man is free; Criminal charges completely dropped,
He was a teenage kid walking home from a party, literally snatched off the streets and charged with robbery,
It was a weak case from the very beginning,
(Kalief Browder)
I, I spent three new years in there, three, four of my birthdays, I, I spent a lot of holidays in there,
(News Reporter)
In May of 2010 he was sixteen years old tenth grader, walking home on Arthur Avenue in the Bronx after a party
(Kalief Browder)
The guy comes out of nowhere says I robbed him,
And the next thing you know they putting to cuff me,
I don’t even know this dude,
And then I, I do three years, over three years for something I didn’t even do,
(News Reporter)
Browder’s Family couldn’t make the ten thousand dollars bail on the robbery charges,
And he had a legal aid attorney,
Months turned into years, he tried to commit suicide several times,
(Kalief Browder)
It was just all boiling in my head to the point where I just, Like, I just, Like, I had to just grab my head, Like I can’t take it,
(News Reporter)
In January Browder said he was offered a plea deal after thirty three months in jail, he refused,
(Kalief Browder)
The judge, she was trying to give me time served and I wasn’t taking it and she told me if I, If I lose trial I could get fifteen years,
Just take the time served and you go home today if you said you did it, I didn’t do it; I’m not, I’m not saying I did that,
(News Reporter)
He went back to jail, in June he was suddenly freed with no explanation,
(Kalief Browder)
No apologies, no nothing, they just said oh, case dismissed, don’t worry bout nothing, Like, wha, what do you mean don’t worry bout nothing, y’all just took over three years of my life.

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