Deliver Me Lyrics

I rap vast lines for my fans in these mass lines,
Do it hard like it was my favourite past time. 
Gotta get mine before this life pass by, 
I can understand it if you don't like me that's fine. 
It's time to face this world leaving nothing omitted, 
On the road to greatness I never overdid it.
My own critic, this my life so let me live it, 
Now-a-days bitches got me so livid. 
My pen so rigid, can't stay still so I fidget, 
And on the road to riches I was off by 5 digits but I'm committed. 
Gap between the world guess I gotta bridge it, 
Said this rap game ain't for me I should quit it. 
See me always grinding the rap so vivid, 
Crisp jeans with the fresh kicks, the cap fitted. 
After all these years I'm still me, 
Tell me what I wanna be what I'm gonna see, Deliver Me.


Deliver Me, out of my sadness
Deliver Me, from all of this madness

I never stay mad but no I never forget, 
Never see me sad cause ain't one thing I regret.
So I'm set for this life that I'm leading, 
Hip-Hop so hungry so I keep flowing keep feeding. 
No matter where I'm going keep pleading for better days, 
Little children in the ghetto finally got a place to play.
Teen girls scared of their man no need to run away, 
Best friends duking out put the gun away.
Child services bring back the son they took away,
If you look behind the clouds you gon' find a sunny day.
We all got our own way, our own tactics, 
For living with this acting for living with no cash. 
And if I could choose the life that I had over life that I live, 
I would go back in a second give it all I could give. 
Maybe I would feel free, once again see what I couldn't see,
And if I get stuck god please Deliver Me. 


Deliver Me, courage to guide me {I need the courage to guide me god,
help me find this courage to guide me god}
Deliver Me, Strength from inside me {I need this strength from inside
me god, help me find this strength inside me god}

All of my life I was in hiding, 
Wishing there was someone just like you. 
Now that you're here, {Now that you're here}
Now that I found you {I found you god}
I know that you're the one to pull me through 

{There's only one thing I need)
Deliver Me 
{The only thing that I'm asking is god please}
Deliver Me 
Won't you Deliver Me

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