Tru Pimpin Lyrics

Tru pimpin
Icy Hot
Tru pimpin
Tru pimpin
Icy Hot
Tru pimpin
Chillin wit my bos runnin from the po-po
While i'm gettin all my dough
I'm hollin at da girls like what up bo?
you can get wit me after da show
in da limo and a bottle of mo
Ten bows and polos?
When the time it so cold
G.A. we so bold
Light black guys and Ja Rule
can't trust any ya fools
who can't keep stuff on the lo-lo
just run yo mouth and hate da game.
Dis here is pimpin main
Icy hot pimpin all the time
in the studio tryin ta write a ryhme
all the time tryin ta get mine
Hun thung? girls messin all around
Rollin to tha club wit da windows down
Flame on tha scene wit a lean 9
Come with me relax with me
watch TV down one twenty three
As we discuss our life story
Baby doll, it's just you and me
20% for tha privacy you can tell me anything
Let me know whashyour fantasy
Tru pimpin
Icy Hot
Tru pimpin
Tru pimpin
Icy Hot
Tru pimpin
Jay-Z big pimpin Icy Hot Tru Pimpin
Not lame like No Limit
Free stright comin wit it
Every hater just bring it cuz
your girl wanna get in
da shiny ranger chillin
when she see da ice glisten
Neva eva missin you when she hangin with this crazy crew
Blade and Flame pimpin too
Tell me hata whatshu gonna do when we took your girl from you?
Hey Tre thought you knew
Icy Hot straight pimpin Tru
started small then we grew
Women once wantin you
now they want that code blue
cuz dey know we pimpn tru
Tru pimpin
Icy Hot
Tru pimpin
Tru pimpin
Icy Hot
Tru pimpin

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