Do It Big Lyrics

[Intro: Polite]
Yo, hahahaha, who that, who that
Who that, who that, who that
Flipmode, Icewater, yeah, Flipmode come on
Icewater, let's get it, come on, uh-huh
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

[Busta Rhymes:]
I come with a grind and put it down, picture perfect, rep for the whole team
Get it in, like a needle, in an arm of a dope fiend
And again, dip fresher than a tux' from Armani, nigga
Eating that Cipriani, spending money like Gotti
Pull out my cold watch, Swiss edition, Rio collection, I'm out
Let me put you on to what you don't know about
Like the Bombardier Challenger 300 private plane
Shades Cartier, guarded they suit, and they like my name
Busta Bus, see how they love it and know it
Not only the type to show it, I'm nice as a poet
Every now and then I might give you a chance and you blow it and pounce
And fight in the dance, get it popping while choking them out
Smoking them out (poking them out) see I ain't playing
I'm focused, (like mercenaries), I'm ready to ounce, I'm laying
Out for this money, I'll rake in the stakes, while they pulling the port
(Pay me) money I ain't taking no shorts

[Chorus: Busta Rhymes]
It's like back in the days, when niggas used to hustle for this skrilla
Formulate a plan, don't even plot, just get a nigga
But see, we knew a crew of dudes, who hustled a lot, we broke
The opportunities and set up drug deals in the parking lot
Stacking cause it's necessary, notice how the world go round
See it's imperative, we get richer than rich
You see we hustling across the border (Icewater)
Hurting the town, this money probably got me mistreating your bitch (Do it big)

Aiyo, Busta Bus, what's good, (shit shit) what's popping, homey?
Niggas think they hot, but they not, need to stop it, homey
Listen man, don't make me put my hand inside my pocket, homey
(Oh you got that thang thang) Aiyo, shit, I got a rocket, homey
Slip up, and it's gon' tear a bone up out the socket, homey
(I don't think they want that) Come on, stay with logic, homey
Ice Dot and Flipmode, (It sounds like a problem, homey)
Yo, I whoop ass (kick ass, like a game of soccer, homey)
Yo, Miz, they done f**ked up (somebody call a doctor, homey)
Bust, yo, good looking, homey (music got them hookers on me)
Ice Dot, straight hood, your boy spit that crack, homey
(DJ, what's good) come on, bring it back, homey


Let me find out you coming to harm me
And I'mma hit my nigga Bus up, catch you under that palm tree
And the weed be the color of Barney, the size C.E.
You got beef, better come with your army
And Chef pull the cars up, and I ain't talking bout no coffee, nigga
When I tell you that I'm getting Starbucks
You can get your squad touched, it's the Water and Flipmode
With a shitload of that hard stuff

I'm like a 2009 Jordan, known to be sporting
New waves, new uniform on, important
Political prisoner, charisma, got me sniffing money
Regardless, jumping out the V dog with RZA
Hypothetically my joint athletically better be
We safe and in question, nigga, you said it be
Fully charged, new one-on-one in the garage
Large, niggas they chill and bitches they dodge
What's the deal, little homey, it's only real, got tech and I'll
I only carry steel out when I'm lonely
Bloodhounds who play the building, buildin', brick at a time
Trying to turn my little dime into a million


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Record Label(s): 2007 Babygrande Records

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