Vice Versa Lyrics

Now what of you was me and vice versa
Would you still be a hater like I was out to hurt you
Could you do it for your fans and still support your fam
Or would you fold cuz no label aint holdin your hand
Answer my question
Could you live with niggas tryin to kill you
Could you look into the eye of the family of the victim.
And rock a hundred thousand dollars worth of jewelry in the middle of
the projects knowing that’s the same f**ken reason that your dawg
I am talking vice verse
If you was me could you go to take one and leave with two or three
Or turn down deals cuz they aint talking big enough telling labels to
kiss your ass cuz you don’t really give a f**k
And ride round with dumb ass niggas with big pistols clutch bumpin…
f**ken wit the wrong nigga bout pocket hit him up
I don't know how but somehow I got by I couldn’t relate to Big when he
was ready to die
I stay surrounded by them gangsters nigga
And I aint too far behind if I aint the realest…shit
I’m talking vice versa
I light the purple in the zone
And get straight to the f**ken I aint got no time to turn her on
Mr. Live got to learn to round the corner while them lame niggas suffer
man you bustas outta order... vice versa
I’m tired of hurting ..meaning I’m doin damn good
I told my momma I got it just like a man should
The streets f**k with a nigga cuz they know that I’m stayin hood
Just how I figured they would shit I play it good
Doubters still doubting but really I’m just happy that they still talking
bout me cuz some they forgot about
I’m partying in the places that you bustas not allowed
Somebody try me they gone have to feel me without a doubt
Nigga I’m on one and they allright I’m talking some
Them f**k niggas already know what’s up and if they don’t then they
ass better nod it up
I keep a red dot on my eye and this little light of mine
Gone be the main reason I hit your ass from a long range a few times
Hated on by most f**k niggas but I’m still embraced by the real thug
So I could give a damn what a hater got to say at the end of the day I’m
a still get richer
Still f**k hoes..I could f**k yours…have her out get live wit the boys…
show the world take her out on tour
Put dick in her mouth every time I get bored
I’m that nigga not to leave her around
No Ike Turner but I’m a beat her down
She don’t even wear panties when she leave her house
But truth be told I just need her mouth…doh
If you aint down for the cause to make your outro
Told that chick at the party if you ain f**ken what ya round for
Billionberg.. takin over the game
If it was vice versa I’d be a f**ken lame
But it aint…I’m the livest nigga in it
Kill any damn track make the producer want some lemon
Who knew that nigga that shitted on
I’m the shit that just get sicker and continue on this spree
My engine is my witness
I go to feelin myself as a master in the booth
I put my dick on the track like the baddest bitch in the group
And I made her pop a molly n had her stickin like glue
And I f**ked her n her friend at the Radisson in the pool
Niggas couldn’t even see me if they was here in this room
If they ran up in this studio you woulda heard a boom
I got money I got goons and my goons got them brooms
If you do anything green you gettin popped out the blue..nigga
And since we talking colors bitch the coupe sicker
And you know the Chevy still white it’s just a little clearer
Look at it you see yourself like a full mirror
And my motor straight shittin on the bullshitters

There that shit right there
Chris told me do that shit so I did it nigga nigga
Team Billion 2012
Strickly for the streets

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