Vice Versa. Lyrics

Vice Versa. Feat: MC Acid.
Written by Holy Hustla & Acid.

Holy Hustla: If every thing was vice versa would you say that I cursed ya?
Cause I be praying for my enemies and my haters I blessed ya.
If the world could spin the other way would it be better?
No more hate mail, fines and bills just love letters
A few butterfly’s but no flies
A lot of loving eyes but no lies and no spies.
If I turn back the hands of time would it be fine
Cause these cats be holding guns and 50 got nine holes
Ladies in the ghetto makin money as hoes
I ain’t on nothing funny but I keep on praying for those.
People saying they’re God, they ain’t God, they don’t even know God
The only way to God is through Christ it was written.
Ill rhymes and composition
People getting vexed so easy, they keep on switching.
We need vice versa
No I never cursed ya
Yeah I always blessed ya
Cause you are my homie
So let’s reverse the curse we need to fix this broken earth
God created blacks an’ whites so squash the beef, why the segregation
It still goes on today even in this multicultural X Christian nation
We see innocent people through the window pains
But terrorists wanna kill em all crashing into them with airplanes.
Africa’s a rich land filled with diamonds, gold and rubies
Geographical knowledge, cultural back ground and natural medicines
But some men don’t want it so they hide it in the back of their pockets and bring out the bad sides such as faming, HIV and Aids.
2004 years Jesus Christ died on the Cross for our sins so the price has ‘ready been paid.
Teens getting laid in the back of a car that’s going to far
Pedophiles working on line taking little girls to the bar and after…
No more drama
No need for no armor
Much love with no pause and no comma.
We gotta stop the war in the Middle East
Or resist the mark of the beast at the least
Cause the end times are drawing closer
M.J wrote a song ‘Heal the World’
Wanna change the world take a look at the ‘Man in the Mirror’
Wanna change the world then change your life
Cause the revolution starts in the heart
Vice versa.

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