Switch Up Lyrics (ft. Audio Push)

Kill it, kill it, kill it, kill it
Kill it, kill it, kill it, kill it
I look out
Kill it, kill it, kill it, kill it
I said up

We just somewhere off the closer to hitty
island bitches in bikini
Getting freaky as as scary movie,
I don't think you read me blowing,
Kill em with my killers,
..87 the mafia, and good I'm faded,
drinking tequila with my telapia,
living life like we ain't never going no place, no place,
.. a billion times and I spit it all like four day, four day
that's just some..nigga shit, bitch I'm .. nigga rich
and I'm doing listening, to these bitches they too sensitive
why hollie storsy nigga hate, I'm just taking off the bed
to ..for thirty on straight, I call that emcee hammer had,
I swear I'm giving that ..bitches so good niggas think I can't rap,
only the nigga original swag, guess I'm just paying for my different brand,
all my youngest T and we make movies, f**k the preview
play a four leg feature if we need it, when we see you,
will be outside of the party looking like a f**king army bitch
you gonna need an army, takes some camouflage and body paint,
if if you keep the hater, bitch they gonna get your waiter,
what you made this week, I probably tip my waitor
I'm an eye E nigga to the motherf*cking need,
profity with my clip everything that I touch is a hit.

I'm seeing cars, I switch up scene hoes,
switch up sweet money, all switch up when the days get dimmer,
you'll gonna live there, well who gonna live with ya
this is for the ones that's always riding with ya
ain't switch, no I ain't switch up, no no I ain't switch up,
same me, no, no, I ain't switch up,
The same team, no no I ain't switch up,
Uh, I ain't switch up, I think it's time to kill it.

I and let me go to work, I got heat to disperse,
stay too young niggas that touch you how to jerk
that probably teach you how to merk
any nigga any beat out to..recipes and the hurse,
for the giving me ..on your verse,
your wife upon their knees, till they hurt..
got the skirt,..that's at least at the..
fortress in their hills that's what I stays the beat
My ..Versace, she stays what she lays a beat,
used to be glacks killing blacks, ain't no way to win it's crazy
now my pockets full of dead Caucasian men,
did money like Asian men, pockets filling so..
scratching all in the..
..use the ratch, you talk .. use the rap,
we never lack in my shooter strap,
'cause when you..we never lack in my..
every nigga I came with, get the real dough,
every nigga I came with, I will kill for,
Christian Dior clothes, that cover my walls,
and got the..arenas that cover my doughs.


Okay, same team, same Jersey
Weed the likers James worthy,
your formula ain't working,
meanwhile we got the whole gangs working
them same niggas that's in that bridge
change that so we act funny
the same niggas that's acting brand new when they got their taxing money
so stop hating on young niggas that shine on you dub niggas,
and Tarzan in my car..
but the eye..is where I'm from nigga
yeah frontin the ..where Vegas at
like 14 miles soon as the lakers at,
I'm the best I promise, let me use that flow,
Ace Hood .. by tagging.. I'm the best
I'm the best young of these rappers
I'm on your hills to acting,
I hate people that act real, 'cause I'm too real to be acting
I got my head down while I'm rocking
balloons I'm poppin, I swear you got TV's on us
'cause ain't nobody stop watching
boy you wanna be in our sexing huh,
your boy in it and girl next to her,
I'm a very important person now,
VIP it's just become regular
yeah them jerk boys and them rap niggas
play the simple we back nigga
I'm .. call me the runaway slag,
'cause I'm that nigga I got money and..


I keep on trying to tell you all niggas
I swear I keep on trying to tell you all niggas
you need these keys out later,
you need these keys nigga out later,
period, I play my own shit, ..87
That's what the f**k we do, bitch

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