Trap Of Love Lyrics

Your unfeeling heart - imprisons me
Careless eyes - too blind to see
Empty words - an iron cage
Broken heart - bleeding rage

(Can't wait for you and me
It's time I break free)

Trap of love
Snared by desire
Trap of love
Burned by your fire
Trap of love
Snared by desire
Trap of love
Beware the trap of love

Let me be - it's time we part
Set me free - un-cage my heart

(Can't wait for you and me
It's time for you to see)

Trap of love
Snared by desire
Trap of love
Burned by your fire
Trap of love
Snared by desire
Trap of love
Beware the trap of lo-oooo-ve!

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Meaning to "Trap Of Love" song lyrics (10 meanings)
Rachael Montgomery 01/24/11,20:19

i love this song its really touching it remindes me of this guy i like but hes really nice to me but i like this song
hex 777 11/30/12,19:34

I love this song. It describes basically my entire experience of love. The Hex Girls are awesome, it's too bad they're not real.
mrodr1 06/07/12,20:10

trap of love is baout dahpane trying to tell fred that she does not want to leave her feelings in the shadow and that she wants to show him how she feels. i personally can put this back to a time...
bridgette 03/13/12,19:48

I love this song, cause daphne speaks from her heart. She says to fred in a song that she is tired of being second best to him, and she is setting him free from her heart. You can tell she is hurt.
Stormy 03/29/11,13:51

God, I wish they were a real band, they'd have more than three songs. I've been singing them since the Witch's Ghost movie.
neeha 01/16/12,14:51

i luve this song its awesome in scooby doo and its cool and daphene is so pretty it that outfit i wish i had wan man my brother is standing infront of the door naget lol
Star 09/20/10,19:06

I can relate to this song because I'm was in a Trap of Love and wanted out. And I told my girl friends to beware of the Trap of Love. I just love this song!
thorn 10/10/11,07:48

hi im the original thorn my name is kim moss im glad you all love me exeped you thorn101 trator and star you are not the new one oh and i have met Grey Delisle she is really nice we had coffie.loveu
MiraLunaDeath 02/12/16,23:47

I love this song because it is so meaningful abd I have the same experience just like daphne ..
I want to get put of thi Trap Of Love!
alison 08/28/11,02:14

i like the old hex girls a lot better then the new ones the only one that sounds the same is thorn dusk and luna sound different and velma and the rest of them saved the hex girls in this episode she
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