Mind In The Frame Lyrics (feat. Blade)

open your mind, read between the lines

i believe anything's possible, you ever seen the sun
rise at twelve midnight
i had this picture formed in my mind, the day never
began at twelve 0-1
and i dont think it ever ended at 11-59 to shine

herbalisers thoughts like mine, cross the line,
and ready to face the world, show me the papers, let me
hold me back at your own risk
i may not be sophisticated but at least i know
precisely where im going

knowledge is power, we take incredible steps
man's been on the moon, i'm almost done with paying off
we invented television sets and cassettes
and ??? with people that i met

i never smoked cigarettes, you ain't seen nothing yet
every day's a game equivalent to russian roulette
you better have this whole scenario sussed
exchanging cash for goods, hey i dont need your bust on

how can i trust you when i dont trust myself, don't
worry me, just worry about yourself
i rise like the sun, like the night, like the moon
something's bound to give way, and bound to give way

i presume, you understand your mission in life,
accept the challenge, be a man, you can survive
the rougher the better i carry no vendetta
get a, education and be mentally stronger

physically fitter, you're looking healthy already
are you ready for the time of your life, it's kinda
dont question me, dont ask me what i am or wheres my
dont harass me unless you want to see the animal in me

i ain't blind, i can see through your mind
read between the lines, you're a shark without a spine
it's time to rage yourself, esteem begin to climb,
if i say it's going to be mine, it's going to be mine

knowledge is power
information is food for the brain there's much to gain
so let it rain let it rain
keep your eyes open, keep your mind in the frame

(that's what we're all going after,
just, changing people's minds a little bit
about what some of the of the possibilities ahead of

soon as the lights go down, my eyes close
my imagination works overtime, will it be heard in '99
furthermore my mind's on the journey that's before me
it's been a stressful year and there's nothing that you
can show me

that i ain't seen already in my dreams and nightmares
either you're out of your mind or you're brave, nobody
a whisper in the dark, a voice calming and angelic,
delivers a message telling me to keep my cool

let it be because whatever will be will be
will be delivered from me for focus of being an MC
if it hurts, it's bound to instruct
if you're corrupt, one of these days you'll be running
out of

luck, you ain't going in no direction my dime
am i crazy or simply playing safe or profound
it sounds like the devil when the president talks
and it looks like they're in hell already when we whore

no sweet talking when it's time to get the stage warm
in the wilderness i conjure up a storm
theoretical exhibitionism carries no weight
the temperature's unbalanced, and nothing is as

forward as it used to be, way back when
we used to be boys, now we turn to men
we're children of our own defend force, ?? force,
somebody to end the war, what are you fighting for

that information is classified,
the situation will never be clarified, access denied
peace and tranquility is possible to gain
depending on my abilities as a lyricist

i never cared about being the cleverest or seeing mount
life in the flesh, not a rock
people flock from everywhere, unaware
whats about to happen when the millenium ends

watch your friend, it's too late for making amends
many reckon that 1999 is when the world ends
what do you reckon, yo the next time you're playing
well guess what, it just takes a second

and poof, you're gone, but life goes on
i, feel out of place kinda like i dont belong
human progress is the reason for this mess
will we survive the test or is it gonna turn to madness

first of january, oval manifest
second of january, you can put your mind to rest
we've been surpressed too long, way too long
is it really the end or will the world go on

knowledge is power
information is food for the brain there's much to gain
so let it tame let it rain
keep your eyes open, keep your mind in the frame

keep your mind open, read between the lines
keep your mind open, read between the lines
keep your eyes open, read between the lines
(keep your eyes open, keep your mind open)
read between the lines

herbaliser, keep your eyes open
oli keyboard, keep your eyes open

hey, yo jake, keep your mind open
yo sweet nigel, keep your mind open
mofee, keep your mind open
jay prosper, keep your mind open

one excel, keep your mind open
hell jake, keep your mind open
dj fatends, keep your eyes open
ninja tune, keep your mind open

planet earth, keep your mind open
lexx, keep your eyes open
bush killer, keep your mind open
my family, keep your mind open

everybody who knows me keep your mind open
and everybody who knows themselves keep your eyes open

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Record Label(s): 1999 Ninja Tune
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