Of Norse Lineage Lyrics

The northern paradise is buried in a veil of lies
but underneath the pagan truth still rests
Hlorride opens his eyes by the roots of Yggdrasil
Mighty Allfather rises in Valaskjalv
The eagle of the power of light and Nidhogg’s power of darkness
The curse of the battle are sent through Ratatosk
there is life in the Urda-well once again
The search for wisdom in the Frostgoblin’s well has begun
Over Nivlheim Kvergjelme still springs forth. A new time of Greatness erupts

Hold on to your origin. The Gates shall open
The bolts of Regin are once again driven into the column of the vault of heaven

Again the Norns‘ spin fate of the newly born
Again the people of the north threaten with winters eternal darkness
We enter a new era, and lay another behind
Pagan Regin, tear away the veil of lies
The dismal worlds of nine are more powerful than before
A horde of betrayers wander the gloomy path
Sigtyr’s name resounds through the mountains and the thickets of the north
Upon Hlidskjalf he sits and watches

Tell me Mime, about the forgotten saga
I seek your wisdom, I seek your hate
All I desire rests in your hand
Give me the Pagan spirit of truth
Haerfjotur spellbinds the warriors of the cross
How great a defeat I see
I see my reflection in christian blood
A new time of greatness erupts

The heaven’s crack Mime, you heeded my call
What a beautiful sight it is, to see everything as it once was, take life again
The bolts of Regin have been driven in for good
Odin’s gaze will never turn away. In Mannheim I wander proudly
I turn my gaze towards the home of the Gods
"Once we fell, but only once"

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