In My Mind Lyrics

Imagine seeing him on the town holding another hand
She's staring me down so I figure that he told her who I am
But it don't matter either way what they do or say
?Cause ain't nothing changed
He's standing with her but his soul is calling out my name

In my mind I'll always be his lady
In my mind I'll always be his girl

Saw his mama just the other said he'd been through a spell
Had a bad break up, thinks he's on his way up, it's hard to tell
She said ?I think it'd do some good if you call him every now and then
You see he's been through some things
And I'm thinking he could really use a friend?

In my mind I'll always be his lady
In my mind I'll always be his girl
Only time will tell if I'm his lady
But in my mind I'll always be his girl

They say if you love something you've got to let it go
And if it comes back then it means so much more
But if it never does at least you will know
That it was something you had to go through to grow

In my mind I'll always be his lady
In my mind I'll always be his girl
Only time will tell if I'm his lady
But in my mind I'll always be his girl

Always feel this way about you
Always be a lady

In my mind, in my heart, in my soul
(In my mind, in my mind, in my mind)
Baby, you should know
You're in my thoughts, you're in my prayer
(In my mind, in my mind)
I'll always be your girl, say yeah
(In my mind)

Yeah, yeah, yeah

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Songwriter(s): Andrew Ramsey, Shannon Sanders
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Meaning to "In My Mind" song lyrics (9 meanings)
mira 11/07/12,15:39

Cried so many times off this song , means to never give up either way you win , he comes beack u win , he goes you win longs he happy . In her mind she craves his love !
Marcus Patterson 09/18/12,15:19

Its a great song yes...but the meaning is twisted....you won't always be his girl.....you will always share experiences.....he moved on and so should you.....I TOOLOVE THIS CUT
Thando 09/13/12,05:05

I'm in love with this song so much it just means so much to me I feel like its talking to me telling me not to give up on love and always believe that no matter what happens I'll alwats be he's girl, so yah I dnt mind listening to 10times a day..Mwaaah!!
~Trixie 14~ 03/21/12,09:06

i really love diz song cuz it maks a diff diff 2 mhe it reminz mhe of mhe an mii bf i will allwauz be hiz && he will allwaus be min!!!!!!!
stef 07/01/10,16:41

She's a crazy stalker; just like all of you.... In her mind she'll always be his lady, huh? Even when he's moved on a married the next one- IN HER MIND he'll always be hers. Sounds like he's moved on.
anna in cha 05/22/10,11:30

this is how i feel about this boy oneal hes my everything but we broke up a couple tyme in wi got bacc to gother i lvu youh dude for real dough we ben though alot togother in al but his mi everything
JADE 12/04/09,09:45

Dis Da way I feel bout KAE 4life no matter wat happens in mi mind i will always be his gurl. N Dats 4 real
AlYSSiA 09/27/09,14:19

this is a wonderful song. it means so much. it makes you feel great about a person! but in my mind.! lol
jazzy 08/31/09,12:29

I love this song so much and it also says how i feel inside 2 no lie telln the truth keep it up women
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