Cool People Lyrics

Cool People

If it wasn't for the bad...there wouldn't be no good
i want you to honk your horn if you're just glad to be livin. Me, i'm big haystak, its just a pleasure to be here. A lil jam i wrote about some people that mean a lot to me: n it goes a lil somethin like this...
i dedicate this to true friends, the ones that gunna be there weather you're in a bubbelized benz or the federal penn. The ones that'll show you love when you're surrounded by hattin won't say ntohing behind you're back they can't say to your face. The ones that'll come to your grave and pour beer on you plaque, cry at your funeral weather you like it or not. The ones that'll put money in the mail, go check on your kids in gail while youin jail (now that a real mother *shhh*). The ones you can turn to when you need them the ost, tell you to stay focused and keep your enemys coastal. The ones that aint worried aobut what they can get out of ya, be there wtih twenty people talkin bout he funna kick the shit outta ya. The ones that watched suckas come and go cuz they were really friends proved their loyalty to you time and time again. The ones that knowyou and what you're all about, the ones your life wouldn't be the same wtih out, them damn
cool peoples....and you will always be cool with meee coool peoples.... and you will always be ever so cool ....
Leavin you was the hardest thing i ever had to do i dunno if was ur mouth or my attitude that destroyed our grove. We're not dancin, we're just walkin in circles screaminat eachother til we both turn purple. Heard you gotta new man, gotta new plan, i wish you the best you kno what i'm sayin regaurdless You're cool with me...from time to time i think about you to help the hours pass, remenis how you were shaped llke an hourglass come to think of it we aint even spoke in months, hit me up lil mama we can.... cuz you...
cool peoples....and you will always be cool with meee coool peoples.... and you will always be ever so cool ....
The ones that get lost along the way will find their way back, the ones who had love for Jay before he was haystak. The ones that will watch your back when you're drunk in the clubs, come to your girls and get you to keep from *shhhh* The ones that will always be behind you, when you get the big head, they'll be ther eto remind you, where you came from and who you really is, the ones thats been there since y'all was little kids. The ones who loved you told you, you can do anything you wanted too whatever you decide, gimme everything you got boo. The poeple you can turn to in your time of need holla at your home boy to hussel he dun brought you some weed. The people that'll be there in jail to see your ass put their fist to the glass, one love hommie. The ones that'll be down til the very end, y'all aint related by blood but they just like kids.
cool peoples....and you will always be cool with meee coool peoples.... and you will always be ever so cool ....

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Record Label(s): 2003 Koch
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