The Bone Dance Lyrics

Miley sings:
And now I take it home, with the parietal bone
It might be crazy, but I learn that way
Temporal and frontal too
And now I'm finally through
That makes 206
I found a way that clicks

Miley thinks and dances:
When I milk the cow
On Uncle Earl's farm
I use the ulna bone
That is in my arm
Miley shouts:

Miley mouths: Help!
Lily: She can't do it without dancing, we have to distract Kunkel.
Oliver: Way ahead of you. You want paper cut, bit my tongue or a nose bleed?
Lily: Oh, nose bleed is my favorite!
Oliver: Well, lean back 'cuz your in the splashing zone. Ow!! Oh man, oh it's a nose bleed! (Lily: Oh, it's gusher!) It's a gusher, that's what it is! Look everyone, it's a gusher.
Mrs. Kunkel: Oaken, Oaken, honestly! Paper cuts, bitten tongues, and now a nose bleed! We should put you in a helmet.
Miley dances and thinks: With the parietal bone, it might be crazy...
Mrs. Kunkel: Stewart!
Miley: Leg cramp! I just need to you know, shake it off with some dance steps...
Mrs. Kunkel: That's it! I warned you about cheating. Your test is over.
Miley: But, I'm not cheating! I know the answers. And I can prove it if I can move it.
Mrs. Kunkel: I suggest you move it down to the principal's office. Just go down the hall, make a left, then a right, when you see your brother, you're there.

(Miley leaves the classroom then comes back in)

Miley sings:
Everybody knows the bones
Just had to find a way
Everybody knows what I'm talkin 'bout
Thats how I'll get an A

Mrs. Kunkel: Stewart! I thought I told you...
Lily: Just give her a chance. Please!

Miley sings:
My bod has many parts
And this is where it starts
Phalanges I have ten
And Metatarsals then
I got some Tarsals too
I'll put 'em in my shoe

Oliver: She's tellin' the truth

Miley sings:
The fibula is next
According to my text
Then comes the tibia
That ain't no fibia

And now up to my knee,
Yeah, yeah, yeah
That's the patella to me

Mley and Lily sing:
We're doing the bone dance
You study the answers
Again and again til I get it right
Miley, Lily, and Oliver sing:
We're doing the bone dance
You dance and you learn it
And we won't mess up this test
We'll get it perfect

Miley: Come on everybody move those...fe..femurs
Rico: Yeah, by the look of these tests, you losers need all the help you can get.

Miley, Lily, and Oliver sing:
We're doin' the bone dance
You dance and you learn it...

The class sings:
And now I take it home
With the Parietal bone
It might be crazy
But we learn that way

Temporal and frontal too
And now we're finally through
That makes 206
I found a way that clicks

(Speaking): Bone Thugs in the house

We're doing the bone dance
You study the answers
Again and again till I get it right
We're doing the bone dance
You dance and you learn it
And we won't mess up this test
We'll get it perfect


Mrs. Kunkel: That's it! Stewart, I'm going to get the principal.
Miley: What...?
Mrs. Kunkel: I want you to show him that dance. It's the best study technique I've ever seen!
Mrs. Kunkel tries to sing (and fails miserably):
By the way,
You got an A!

Miley, Lily, and Oliver:
We're goin' to Europe!

Miley: Give me some metacarpal love!

Miley, Lily, and Oliver sing quietly:
We're doin' the bone dance,
You study the answers

Miley: What?
Rico: That song, those moves, your voice, it all reminds me of some famous singer...
Miley: Kelly Clarkson?
Lily: Hilary Duff?
Oliver: JayZ!
Rico: I got it! Hannah Montana!
Miley, Lily, Oliver: HA,HA,HA,HA,HA,HA,HA,HA,HA!
Miley: Hannah Montana, you little joker! You're so...
Rico: You're right, what was I thinking? This bubble-brain could never pull off something like that!
Oliver: Yeah, what were you thinking? We're talkin' about nothin' upstairs if you know what I mean.
Lily: Hey, Oliver, I can see you!
Oliver: Oh, I can see you too!
Lily and Oliver: Hey! Hi!

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Meaning to "The Bone Dance" song lyrics (8 meanings)
katie f. 11/14/11,21:25

this is a good song to help me learn the bones, because we have a test in health about the bones so now like EveryOne is singing this... lol :P
abigail 03/07/11,08:13

Hi.... Love ur song nice and easy to learn helps a bunch with working with bones bt try and include 206 bones in ur song I know it'll be long but make it fun 4 us 2 study!!!! Lov u!!
KELLY 03/06/11,10:58

thats not a song that is a joker song hannah montana I HATE U SO MUCH SING A NICE SONG THEN I WILL LIKE U
mehta nidhi 10/19/10,07:22

miley sis u r the best.......i miss u so much honney....nd in my bio prob of body i have 2 remember this name i always use ur formula nd make a song 4 remember lyk u......so thnx sweet heart...love u.
michela 07/06/10,11:55

hi hannah i am your biggest fan i am 12 years old my voice is just like your voice i think Selena gomez is beautiful than you her voice is great
elisabeth 12/26/09,23:16

wow this song is good! ameena khatta - where you hear that shes two months pregnant from sexing naked?
Weroni 11/23/09,14:55

we learn the human body and when we wrote a test i got A+ and i used this song :D so i like it :D and yeah i know that my english is not very good but im from Slovakia
christina 07/29/09,12:29

this song rocks i used it on my test and got a A+ my parennts were so exeited that they got me a iphone!
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