That Other Shit Lyrics

HOOK (4x):
Im on that other shit
Spit it for my brotha shit
Hard core gutter shit
Duck-tape and smother shit

I’m on dat other shit
That duck-tape and smother shit
That sex with no rubber shit
That f**k but don’t luv her shit
I’m on that other shit Man
U feel what I’m sayin
I’m pushin a lex van the same color as sand
(I’m on that other shit)
I’m n Sean John like Puff
I spit rugged and rough
So don’t call my bluff
Yo flow is cream puff
It aint hard enough
Continue to huff and puff and I’m gon show my stuff
(I’m on that other shit)
The flow is ferocious
Mo’ cream than Hostess
Won’t lose my focus
Why u screamin paid u know u the brokest
(I’m on that other shit)
Yeah I done changed labels
Same horse different stable
Puttin food on the table
In this camp I’m champ
I hit a beat up amp
I spit shit that clamps
And give the track a cramp

HOOK (4x)

Like Ja I rule
Plus I’m so old school
I’m already on fire and u gon add to the fuel
All the bitches drool
When I’m pullin up
In Cadillac trucks
Roof popped up sittin on buck
I’m not givin a f**k
The lot is shut down
And my rims 23 inches off the ground
Lyrically I clown usin verbs and nouns
Pound for pound
HAWK is the best around
(I’m on that other shit)
I’m cold blooded and raw
One swing breaks jaw
Have u eatin out a straw
Dead end outlaw
Shred tracks like coleslaw
The best u ever saw
Ask ya maw and paw
(I’m on that other shit)
Fulfilling a ghetto dream
It’s in my blood stream
I must reign supreme
I make rappers sing
And lower their self-esteem
I spit hotter than steam
Anoint me the king
(I’m on that other shit)
If I’m lyin I’m dyin
I pull out that iron and commence to fire'n
(I’m on that other shit)
Been thuggin since my youth
My lifestyle is proof
That I am the truth

HOOK (4x)

'cause I’m thowed wit word play
Like Jordan’s fade away it's anytime any day
Most people say
That they my protégé
And try to portrait
The H-A-W-K
I try to break away
Like Kunta Kentay
My bullets they ricochet
Mayday Mayday

(I’m on that other shit)
So don’t try to mock me
I’m 6-4 and stocky
My attitude is cocky
Most niggas jock me
But that doesn’t shock me
My heart’s bigger than Rocky
And they flow is sloppy
(I’m on that other shit)
I refuse to lose
Been used and abused
But still paid my dues
(I’m on that other shit)
That shish, burn deep cover shit
That bring tears to yo mother shit
That in the benz burnin rubber shit
That Mel Gibson, Danny Glover shit
I’m on dat other shit

HOOK (4x)

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