You're Not The 1 Lyrics

Well y'know.. maybe if you didn't have them four kids..
and that crazy husband..
Oh, I know -- you could drop that habit
I can't really look past them things, no I can't

I like the way you walk, I like the way you talk
I like the clothes you wear, I suppose you rare
but, you're not the one..
No you're not the one

I like the style you have, I like your smile - you bad
I wanna make you laugh, don't wanna see you sad
but, you're not the one..
You're not the one, girl..
This world I know it's, mine, yo sho' is, fine
I could never intertwine my lifeline with yours though
Whores know, course so gullible, Evian backwards
Baby I'm slack you're tight
Just perfect for the night, I wanna work it somethin right
Humpin - hype off the vibe you set, but don't know why I slept
on the importance of your sense
The better that she looks, seems to mean the more dense
I took my chances, decided off of glances
Had to write it off, enhance it with imagination
If only she was like this, homey she'd be right it's
never quite that easy, forever fight them sleazy thoughts
Have me caught up in the wrong cot, f**kin with the longshot
I couldn't find the hole - nope..
And that's how it went down y'all
Real quick, just like that

I like your mind at work, I couldn't buy that dirt
I shouldn't want too much, a little balance don't hurt though
You're not the one..
No you're not the one

I couldn't do you wrong, I probably knew you long
I got a lot, to learn, and a notch, to earn
You're not the one..
No you're not the one, miss (miss)..
I woulda done dissed a dumb bitch
I know you well should we tongue kiss
Maybe even more baby, we explore
Wouldn't say that you were ugly, fat, or any of that
But many a rap I wrote got me feelin like a King Choosy
I sing uzi sounds; that means you're shot down (brrrrrrrrrrap)
Try and do it nicely, you don't really entice me
I want a spicy wifey, whose mind precisely
matches the physical visible to my eyes is pricey
I pay the cost, you play the boss but
really I'm in control silly, still we roll
but you're not the mate for my soul
Ain't got the bait for my pole
Wait, can you relate? There's no negotiating
And most be waiting for a Charming Prince
And since I'm not that, it comes alarming
.. {*alarm clock beeps*}
Yo I be taking em by surprise
HEY, wake up girl! You gotta go to work!

I like the days we spent, I like the way things went
Don't wanna not be friends, we can talk, pretend
but you're not the one..
No you're not the one

I like your mind and soul, I like her body - she's cold
I wish that I could roll, with a female who's whole
but you're not the one..
No you're not the one
You're not the one
You're not the one
You're not the one
Nope, no you ain't, sorry
I ain't got it, I wish I did but I don't
I want to say it, but I won't
What I have, what I want:
females, cars (I wish) clothes, jewels, gold
A house on the hill
Give me all that shit, wrap it up, I'll take it

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Record Label(s): 1998 Simple Man

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