Numb To Life Lyrics

Are you numb to life?
Have you seen it all and done it?
More than once or twice
Can you come precise?
Or do you just not give a f**k?
When your mitts are on the dice
When you roll that seven
Are you happy, do you smile and clap man
Can you have fun while I rap?
Or do you hate me?
Please don't make me hear that you do
I'm, right now, put you on the guest list
While you drink check this out, it's the new shit
Doubt it's the true shit when you get the bozack
Take some prozac crews ain't actin right these days
We raise like wages if you do right
New-type shit from the get so
What's the skit no
Tell me that you're dope
And I'm pokin fun at the one that she's gropin
Smokin to the side
And a little back
Make it coincide with the place I like to be at
React to routine with change
And if you can't feel that this is probably out your range
I'm godly hotly enough you could spot it
If you peeped out the product I'll light it two times
Gotta true crime that mind with the rhyme
And I know, it's not feeling the same
I'm still in the game
Ability to reign
Appealin with brain
Just chillin the same as I always been
And that's the key
So what you wanna hear and whatcha wanna see, G?
H, that's the answer

[CHORUS] (x2)
What's that sound like?
What's that sound like?
What's that sound like? GOOOOOD
What's that sound like?
What's that sound like?
Now what's that sound like? real GOOOOOD

It's all about the tone
Soundwaves and frequencies
Frequently I'm freakin these
I bring straight from up above eazy
Come buy you some if you don't think freely
Really it's crunch time
Punch lines don't get you over
Can't see a damn thing sober
Knowing you're the one with the opportune knock don't stop
That was the cops, at your front door
And once you're receptive what you do's effective
Don't lose your objective
It's 99 now
And I like this
Feelin rightness when they try to take my hypeness away
Well straight from my duty
I stay in the cooty til dawn
Truly it's on it's my song can't sue me
Oooie Ooie I see how the days get played
When the latest of the greatest is conveyed in charades, I
Made this to pave not to pay my way
Got to say what I think
Anything can happen
That's the break, I'm on rappin
Cappin, ???? with the inside your pen write it down
Might it sound fresh well thank you
Bank on the bet that life is gonna gank you
When you need to be ???? do it yourself
Learned about ?????? when I was fishin for help
I got the hookup, got to look up
Down, right, left, march
This artistic movement I do it for a reason


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Songwriter(s): Corey Scoffern
Record Label(s): 1999 Simple Man
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