Congestion Lyrics

It fills my lungs everytime it has a chance
to invade my stance I sit stiff like a candlestick
in the thick of the bush, as I push with machetes
cutting off vines between my feet - I ponder beats
People only get in the way of my creativity flow
so I get high turn on machines and watch, the lights glow
My mind grows in awkward dynamics;
use rainbows for hammocks when the traffic gets too frantic
for passing

Passageway congested - gridlock's at a standstill
cause everything I wanna do, so do you and that man
Thrill of victory, itchin me, to do my best for always
Get discouraged too much company don't make it pass my hallway
til the evening, and that's all day, leavin out my mealtimes
No escape I make tapes and pretend they help me feel fine
... ahhhhh, finally alone (kickin it) kickin it
Pass me that beadie Eligh (yeah dude)
Cheers! [glasses clink] Yeah yeah
I ain't been at home alone like this in a long time
(Dude I'm tellin you) [knocking at the door]
(Dude turn that, is that..) Let me go turn down the radio
[knocking continues) Yo hold on hold on hold on
[unknown voice: "Hey, DAMNIT! Open up!"]

I need some Actrin, to clear my sinus
I'm congested and all backed up like Frisco
I'm Linus without a blanket, real agitated and dismal
My problems seem minimal to an imbecile who can't read
the cue cards - it's too hard, in fact
to explain you can't get too far acting like that

[Chorus x2: Eligh]

It's no wonder I'm sick on every occasion
Congestion takes over my shit, traps me in odd situations
f**king up relations with my friends
Killing patients in the end I can't pretend it's not a problem

[The Grouch]
Sometimes I don't even know how I'm gonna sleep
About twenty feet away from, someone makin a beat
Leave the bitches in the front room, phone off the hook
Haven't been alone in eight months and I'm knowin the chance I took
when I strode, to the bathroom to try and cleanse my body
Water freezing cold and, someone smelling naughty, unGodly
Circumstances, glances on my back
as I engage in a fit of rage I swear about the crack

So who's really being threatened when I complain about my space
In a pace of three days you were in my face in five ways
If I told you to hit the highway, you'd be offended and hurt
Claining I treat you like dirt, naming off all the first things
I said; with an expanded memory I'm blamed in the end
Can't you see I'ma hermit shell - manifested a turtle
Rather be off by myself than with you strangers
(strange enough) so back off

[The Grouch]
Everybody wants to get what's there for the taking
You can't move slow or you making a mistake an'
I can speak experience I've seen it firsthand
I despise the rat race but I place cause I can
I man the ship, you mop it, but always leave it slippery
then hang around and bullshit usin space actin chippery
Fools be in the mix cuttin rhythm with the fader
That's a major space invader more annoying than a pager


So back off me
So back off me
Give me some space
Back off me

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Record Label(s): 1998 Simple Man
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