In The Slaughterhouse Where We First Kissed Lyrics

I want to feel everything tonight, you and I fingers

I want to feel everything tonight, you and I fingers
entwined, feet pounding down and along soaking puddle
stricken pavement, racing nearly as quick as our pulse
The pale yellow wash of street light feels ever more
insipid in the face of the glare and the haze that
glowing on your face, blood red scarlet grin tearing
your mouth open, like the most wonderful wound that
I’ve ever seen.
Yours and my banshee screams of utter hilarity when the
brick you’d picked up struck the shop window and as it
shattered an infinity of twinkling fragments cascaded,
pirouetted in bounds and leaps, some smashed into
tinier pieces on the concrete, while others stuck in
your hair twinkling prettily and a cacophony of shrill
alarms and confused screams struck up.
Now we’re here, in an alley with over flowing stinking,
disgusting bins, hiding for our freedom squatting and
sitting, stuffing our hands over our mouths trying
desperately to douse and stifle the sound of a
laughter maniacal. You look more beautiful than an
enternity of sunsets slicked with sweat, crimson red
flushed complexion , your expression ever demented yet
refined and a murderous glint twinkling in your eyes

You emblazon even my grey days in sunrays, incandescent
orange and warm
And I tell her that I’d scratch out my eyes before
letting her come to harm
I’d always thought I was intolerable,
That to love the pariah within my skin was impossible
And I found it hard sometimes

But now there’s you..........................

Now we’re hiding just around the edge of the alleyway,
you’re standing and panting heavily across from me,
barely able to contain the mania, your unkempt,
blackened but beautiful nails are scratching against
your wet palms with such nervous, murderous excitement,
they’re leaving little scarlet marks I that find
We’d get clean, go out to eat, up turn the table after
the last mouthful of the maincourse,
Throwing hot coffee at waiters, smashing plates and
screaming obscenities at patrons
Find anywhere to hide, hold one another so tight it
begins to hurt, but still you’re pulling me in closer,
but I won’t let go because I know that every moment
after this will be pallid and meaningless, because
never again will I ever be as happy as this.

I want to feel everything
When bricks strike the recently repaired windows that
we smashed up the other night

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