Pot Of Gold Lyrics

[Verse 1: S.G.]
Man, I been doing this for ten years, and I still ain't signed
I been prime with the production and even better with rhyme
I know, in due time, I'll get noticed by a big label
Some say I wasn't able to see a deal on the table
But I know that's gonna change cause I got more faith in people than church
I been puttin' in work like I'm dedicated to hurt
And what's worse is that I'm broke and it's harder to find a job
Cause I was fired from the last one for imitatin' my boss
I was addicted to stars, coke, weed, X and meth'
My life has been a mess, since I walked out the nest
And I'll, never get rest unless my lawyer tells me, "Do it"
I pursue it til I dead or in prison or buy me, choose it
You say my life is ruined, but it makes me push harder
I got two boys now, and then I might be pregnant with our daughter
With rent
Two months late, survivin' off, great
There's no food on our plates, the problems won't go away

[Chorus: Female singer]
Chasin' pebbles to find a pot of gold
A pot of gold
I need a pot of gold in my life
My life
My life
My life


[Verse 2: Luna]
To my son, Zion, I'm a keep tryin', this mountain we climbin'
Is full of pitfalls and other dangers that I hide in
Know that poppa loves you
And when I'm on the road, I'm thinkin' of you
My heart and my soul, that is for your smile that I flow
And momma know your boy is doing what he loves to do
Recording songs with my boys, go out and make these crowds move
Still my number one girl, my heart's pearl
And I'm a get you that house in the hill with a pony, for real
And pops worked hard, two jobs just to keep us happy
So I'm a work as hard as I can to get a Grammy
This life can be deceivin', nothing in it is promised
But still my sister stayed focused, then
Make her way to college
To my cousin Mark, keep your head up
Sometimes, you're fed up
When life knocks you down, I know you got the strenght to get up
My brother Chris, know this
I'm proud of what you do
I know you're proud of me, so let's go show the world what we can do

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3: Panic]
What is life? Life is trials and tribulations, reality
Simulations, it's true when there's fake faces, it's ugly
And pretty places
Traces of some people were left, nameless
Some came and went
Some of you to fall in some straight, heinous
Some shameless
Like most of the girls that were in my life
Some could give a shit
Others were eager to be my wife
Had some friends that I used to call brothers
But in truth, undercovers
Synthetic crunk motherf**kers that rob and beat they own
Even family members hurt me, I'm heartbroken
It seems in life, you can't trust nobody, but I kept, hopin'
And prayin', blessed mother, help me up cause I'm fallin'
Please forgive me cause I'm on my kness, it's you that I'm callin'
To be my light
Make it right with the darkness that's in my night
And tell the Lord that I said thanks for Mark, Steve, Bret and Mike
Finally found my brothers from other mothers
And trouble keeping me covered
Watchin' my back with some shovels, I love my rap

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 4: Grant Rice]
Ay yo, Trav
I tried to call, you even had my office pager
But for some reason, I get treated like a stranger
It's ironic
Maybe I do deserve it
But seven years of my all, isn't really worth it?
But now you think it's perfect
No me on the stage
You f**ks up the dance moves and repeats the phrase
It's so wrong, it's so long without a plane ticket
No thanks for shit
Cause now my name's in expense
And I can't get
What you bitter about
Not even tech or the calico can figure it out
I ain't wack
Maybe it's I ain't black
Maybe it's my dope deal and mentality in the king of crack
That you think'll sell, just to get my money
But I ain't sold dope
In a whole month of Sundays
It's funny
Cause me and Tech talk everyday
And ain't no chariot's a cherry that can carry away
Plus me and Bubba got this whole mixtape thing
You know your ass greased to be in Regime, hun
I help start this stranger shit
And this the motherf**kin'
Thanks I get
It's my life

[Female singer:]
My life
My life
My life
My life
My life
My life


[Female singers scats and harmonizes]

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Record Label(s): 2004 Mike Savage

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