Dip Dip Die!!! Lyrics

Yeah...it's time to get ill and suerve...lets get down...get deep in
these Brooklyn streets...Kna meen?...let's do this...It's time to throw
on our cleets and get filthy....tell you 'bout some shit...

[Verse 1:]
Dangerous curves for Brasco to suerve
shit gets hot in Bushwick suburbs
I heard Maria told Marisol
"Baby, daddy balls, Poppi had these draws
soakin", my strokin' got them open
thats why Hector's motions I be scopin'
he hates that I play Lat's like the eight track
"Black Mothaf**ka, pluckin' my baby's Mother"
sucka, his crazy brother don't want no part of this
one block on Knickerbock will get burned by arsonists
Mommi likes me, she say so
Viejo gave me his blessin', and not just him
your Men gave me props like cops thats corrupt
laced 'em all with trucks, what the f**k
I suck, thats your opinion
my dominion offends men like anorexics in Fin-Fin
tin men seein' their endin' is madness
I'd rather kick hits instead of kickin' they asses.

Dip dip I so-socialize
to clean out the safe and open up her thighs
[Repeat once]

[Verse 2:]
Bitches with cash is the best to have
'cause they won't clash with niggas to arrest your ass
I keep one eye open like a sailor
watchin' these kids so I don't feel a failure
you heard Mahalia's voice, here's the choice
Black suits and gospel or cop the Royce
I got her moist thinkin' of the heated cars
treats at bars with stars, Mamasita's large
you can get that if you just sit back and think
why's there sex tapes and coke in the sink?
ropes filled with links, ice like Alaska
would you trade that for smacks of wet plaster?
I know you need to eat, need to creep
get money baby, just keep it discreet
stress me in the streets, so I look insane
have these cats chantin' my name on the train
I aim for the platinum plaques
nowadays you gotta pack them gats
it's like that, right back at ya to splat ya, capture the moment
sounds twisted don't it?
I'm on my own shit.

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3:]
They wanna go there like the old pair
end up weighin' about 8 pounds with no hair
yeah, you show fear so here's half a hundred
give me a double take then act fronted
just be back, don't act in the Ac
niggas love to jack all my stacks from rap
the temptation you facin's erasin' the situation
don't lace them just waste them
if I wake and you ain't beside me
I see two other Mommies who love Versace
love to pop Cris', love to cop V's
love to knock knees above the Roxy
in Biloxy, hidden reports, exotic resorts
you missed this
look for a postcard on Christmas
snap shots with fat knots and chicas
black drops with backdrops of P.R.
Visa gold, three live hoes in the truck
about two bucks, thick muts for quick nuts
it's just me, the same MC from ultra
droppin' the roots of culture for you vultures.

[Chorus x6]

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