Lifted Lyrics (feat. Thouxanbanfauni & BandMan Fari)

Oh I'm just big man
Baby it's alright
What is still [?] right
Yeah I know alright
Ama ask you [?]
F*** f*** you
Girl yeah

I gotta six sick (I got a six sick)
Ugh what with the forklift (grr)
Who will get lifted
Miss [?] lick it (ay)
Madam see see (see madam)
Madam is see sh** (ugh)
I got a six sick (yow)
What with the fork lift (I'll go with the forklift)
You could get lifted
Madam is sick [?] yeah ugh (see madam is sick sick)
This was all [?] (at least we don't )
I got a six sick (see madam is.damn yah)
Go with this forklift (ugh damn)
You could get lifted (brrr)
Keep it on lit (Keep it on lit) fight fight yah
Your madam is sick (yeah yah)

[Verse 1]
Madam will be here ey
Look at my crisp tip ugh
Look at my cup just take it ey
Two hand in my desk on my way (on my way)
I'm so alone with the [?] she saw my record
I buy me a wallet and so I'm in love with the money
Got so much oh honey that's why I got you even front

I got a six sick see nigga bit cheap
[?] alpha next to rich rich
I'm with you b*** ugh where is your ditch (really)
Where is the stocks
I'm the new nigga I want one no hitch
Came for the honge eh honge eh ally I want yah
All of the honge mix wild and calm through
Holy don't get punched then I make it rank
Tell the bitch she gonna need a punch okay (okay)

[Verse 2]
No hoe you know that we getting no match
I got a six sick (I got a sick sick)
Ugh what with the forklift (grr)
Who they lifted
Miss lick it
Madam is sick see (see madam is sick)
Madam is see sh** (yah) (she got a six shit)
I got a six sick (yeah buddy)
What with the forklift (and what with this forklift)
You can go lifted (yeah you can get lifted)
Madam is sick yeah (damn see madam is sick sick)
This was all (at least we don't [?])
I got a sick sick (see madam is sick) (yeah damn)
Look at this forklift (yah) damn (grrrr)
You could get lifted (brrrrr)
You [?] lifted (but you gone yeah)
Madam is sick( grrr)
Madam is sick

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Songwriter(s): BandMan Fari, Go Yayo, Thouxanbanfauni
Record Label(s): 2017 Hoodfame USA
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