Out Of Breath Lyrics

A circus canopy bug container cannot enclose me
I am a ballet mechanic, I make my ways around it
I never bite off more than I can chew because I'm hungry
It makes me laugh you assume me to be so incompetent
Are you sure you got that
Are you sure you got that
Do you want any help
Are you sure you got that
Why do you ask questions you only want no answers to
Tired wearing your accountability on my back
Has nothing to do with me and I will not carry that
Your hardships aren't my outfit
My failures are not your fuel
How dare you tell an angry woman to shut up, SHUT UP
You want to know how to make an angry woman shut up
Poor miniscule infantile mind
You stop making her angry
I am not losing my mind, it's just being taken from me
I won't be misguided by internalized misogyny
How should I not hurt you when all you've ever done is hurt me
Crackhead, crackhead
You're just another crackhead
Cannot fathom reality
No guts to brave the truth for free
Crackhead, crackhead
You're just another crackhead
Cannot fathom reality
No guts to brave the truth for free
It's selfish how much you go to flatter your stupid self
One day you'll hurt more than the pain you've inflicted on others
While you were waiting and watching me live uninhibited
You put his hate right here in my heart
It is all on you
Reject me, dismiss me, deny me, refuse me
You cannot control my fear because I'm unafraid of you
There's nothing to feed off of me because I don't lie like you
You can't make me hate me for me, I already got that too
It saddens me that I loved you more than most once before
I choke on so much regret knowing that I ever helped you
f*cking creatures
I wish I never knew you
I'll rip my sinews from the bone before I let you touch me
I'd love to see a bitch try, shorty, she's too high to fight me
I'm happy in my place you could never contaminate me
You can try with all of your might but you will never touch me
I've made my deals with my own devils, don't worry about me
Not tough to be holier than thou with your repertoire
f*cking predators
Get the f*ck out of my space
You'll get what's coming for you
You'll get what's coming for you
You cannot silence everyone that you've beaten and abused
You cannot silence with violence
I am not threatened by you
Happy birthday
I f*cking hate you too
Your face would look much better underneath 6 feet of dirt
You deserve starvation, overdose, and best of all DEATH

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Record Label(s): 2018 DEFACE
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