Push, Push, Push Lyrics

[Intro: Missy Elliott]

Oohhh... This that fire! Ghostface and Missy

[Ghostface Killah]

Somebody tell that girl that her ass too big

I give it to her right and she let me live

Can't eat that, 'cause there's no relationship

I beat that, the next day you called in sick

Frontin', not for nothin', I pop buttons

Off Baby Phat, Levi's, J.Lo's, Guess and Gap

'cause it's like that, young lady, bet I make you shake

Like the Puffy and Jay-Z's, Dre's and J.D.'s

Come on, if not you, I'mma beat this song

But if you were bout it, our business wouldn't be here this long

Let me break it down for you, all I wanted to know

If I could just feel it and touch it, and break it down into numbers and

Come with me and just leave your friends

'cause we don't need no cock blocking

Tellin' you this without no option

Tell your friends "Peace, look, I'm bouncin'"

[Chorus: Missy Elliott (Ghostface Killah)]

Tush, tush, tush

Wanna slide in the bush, bush, bush?

(I'm on top, you like push, push, push

Keep it low like shush, shush, shush)

You wanna get up in my tush, tush, tush?

You could slide in the bush, bush, bush

(I'm on top, you like push, push, push

Keep it low like shush, shush, shush)

You wanna get up in that tush, tush, tush?

Wanna slide in my bush, bush, bush

(I'm on top, you like push, push, push

Keep it low like shush, shush, shush)

[Ghostface Killah]

Oh yeah, you jinglin' baby (well let me jump up on that ding-a-ling baby)

Ooh, gosh, you a nasty girl, sassy

Picture me layin' you inside my classic pearls

Toes'll curl, giddy up, you go girl

I'm about to, uh, do it slow girl

Ooh, you in control, it's in your world

She on, I think I like ol' girl

Take it out, turn around

Charlie horse, shit, threw me off balance

Wildin', all I wanted was to show you my talent

To let you know on how I rep in Staten Island

This is the reason I came to you

So we can connect it then kick it was the thing to do

'cause we don't need no representation

Domination, got them waitin' patient

[Break: Ghostface Killah]

Now this is the way ya'll suppose to

To get dowwnnnnnnnn, ya'll ain't right

Somebody say "Aha! Ghost is back!"

[Missy Elliott]

Pull back the curtain, let me work your sermon

Playboy don't hurt me like a virgin

You seem real determined to put a hurtin'

But if you ain't slurpin', then you better off jerkin'

You got a lot of nerve, to wanna serve my curves

My 36D, 36 hips

The way I shoot the gift, I swallow coke bottles

And you would swear it was Lil' Kim lips

Eh, I really like you baby

Do you know how to wife this lady?

Give me what I want, don't talk, don't touch

Unless you got a bank account that make my face blush

Now shush... in my bush

And I can give you what you want, make a whoosh

Just throw it, I'll show you how to push

Kinky sex, tie ropes around your wrist

Come on..


[Outro: Missy Elliott]

Come on... hah... oh..

Come on... hah... oh... aha-ha

Oh... aha-ha... whoo!

Come on!

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