Out Da Way Lyrics

(feat. Trife Da God & Shawn Wiggs)

[Shawn Wiggs]
Aiyo, the block can't knock me, cause my style's too cocky
And my team be off the chain
Aiyo, it's my turn, Wiggs, top of the food chain
I've been starving, waiting for this money train
Now I gorilla, monkey jump and spaz on beats
Slang doctrine, throw some new words in the streets
Roll sheets to the icky, chocolate Wonka
I'm like the ice cream man, I make the block go bonkers

[Ghostface Killah]
Please, we puff little Christmas trees
I keep a, chick on her knees, some custom dungarees
Two-tone hungry's and a whole lotta cheese
Coconut waffles, pa, I blow like the breeze

[Shawn Wiggs]
And the block can't knock me, cause my style's too cocky
And my team be off the chain

[Ghostface Killah]
It's Theodore, Starks Enter', make it hot in the winter
And my gun gonna spark the flames, I told you to

[Chorus 2X: Shawn Wiggs (Ghostface Killah)]
Duck out the way (better move nigga)
Before you clap or get sprayed (brrrrr-aow)

[Ghostface Killah]
Ok, I see you wanna take it down to the grit
Like I've been through the struggle, pa, and can't handle the shit
I'm a gorilla, I beast everything in the eye
Rock an eightball jacket in the middle of july

[Shawn Wiggs]
Verbal slaughter, grey goose and vitamin waters
Slumped in the gym, throwing the dumbells all out of order
Knockin' scuffs on my Reeboks... (say what)
I got that old drunken style, that spit time in detox
A to Z blocks I see Oz for the weed spot
Anthony Acid for the party on the roof top
Custom made jewels, I got my own spot
Like my chain all chunky, and my ladies so lovely
V.I.P. with a bottle of Goose
It's Wiganomics, no beginner, make it hot in the winter
And my gun gonna speak the truth, I told ya to

[Chorus 2X]

[Shawn Wiggs]
Aiyo, the block can't knock me, cause they love when I'm cocky
Rock a mink with some Phat Farm jeans

[Ghostface Killah]
A big dooky ass charm, hot broad on an arm
Yo Wiggs show 'em how to serve them fiends

[Shawn Wiggs]
I hit the block like a ton of bricks
I know they look like twenties
But only give me five harder knicks
Dirty pillow, we bulletproof cars are armadillo
Got the whole tri-state weeping like willow
Get that money, I need a Hugh Hefner account

[Ghostface Killah]
And if the bunnies don't come with the crib, we gon' bounce
To the hotel (motel) yacht by the bay

[Shawn Wiggs]
I got the big bottle of Mandarin goose, who got the OJ?

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Songwriter(s): Maurice Dollison, Dennis D. Coles, Dominick Lamb

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