Soldier Song Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
[Mz G.B]
Mz G.B bout to creep on men
On a rampage
To make run vages
When I'm dead, from that 12 gauge
To land in your bed
And your brains are ready dead
Heard what I said
No brains in your forehead
Know so much, I can't even shit
A Nigga had to loose his brains in this shit
Cause I take no source in this bitch
Niggas always tryin' to cut a bitch short
But, this bitch busts holes
And put dead bodies in a park
Look, you don't wanna see me head on, Nigga
I be that bitch that busts domes,
when you stayin' in your home, Nigga
Don't f*ck with flowerass Niggas
Can't stand a coward-ass Nigga
Watch your back, cause I stay bout it Nigga
Niggas had the game all f*cked up
Is it that the runnin' they mouth to much
Or one of them hoes they f*cked
I ain't bout all that
You get your ass torn up with all that
Keep yappin' at the mall,
cause your ass went up with all that

[Chorus: x4]
[Mz G.B, T.L.T, Yukmouth]
Straight soldier
Something for the soldiers
Nigga I'm a soldier
Do or Die
It's either homicide, suicide
Straight soldier

[Verse 2:]
When I order by it
Y'all ja bitches best duck
But if ya duck, luck
Y'all still gettin' plucked
Nigga whut.
Y'all get ya brains knocked out
f*ck the talk
I'm the type to show you what I'm bout
f*ckin' with killers
Because I love thug Niggas
Hittin' my Niggas
I knock a head off Niggas
Smokin' that weed
Because that weed keep me goin'
Blow me a gun,
I keep goin' and goin'
Bulletproof vests,
because you know I got beef
f*ck the speech,
we bout to take it to the streets
Act a peace,
you don't wanna feel my heat
But f*ck fatigues,
take ya out ya misery
I'm cool with killin',
cause she know were the weed at
Calliope projects,
that's where them thugs at
See I love all that violent shit
Hit you once in the eye,
watch ya die, ya bitch
Yeah, yeah

[Verse 3:]
Gunslinger for my territory
The way it's on
These motherf*cking streets I call home
Only the strong can survive with what
I see it happen through these eyes, Nigga
For every day another life
Hard times, keep the school true
Check out the new
Now really do you wanna few
We gangbangers
Up this thang in a minute
We soldiers
No love, for no one
For no one
Kill the motherf*cking enemies
Erase they whole identity
So they never started f*cking with me
A bitch Jolie
You learned the drama come with these words
Continuously mobbin' this way
I took the curve, slidin' in a bird
I'm on my way out to the suburbs
Fin to fly these Niggas like birds
Let 'em all burn
Uh, it's do or die
You or I
It's either homicide or suicide

[Chorus x4]

[Verse 4:]
Bitch-ass Niggas slide up under their beds at night (Why?)
Cause they know the Boogieman is coming (Oh!)
Comin' in my hooptie van gunnin'
And Niggas that stay frontin'
But the only difference now is that they runnin
Because I'm sprayin' something
Layin' Niggas the f*ck down
You ain't sayin' nothing
Or less I'm blazin' something
Don't hate like J or something
Nigga I'm takin' something
Brake a Nigga for a 8 or something
Don't come around here drinkin' nothing
Or less your ass, facin' sudden death
Gauges busting
Take the cash, brake a woman jack
Yes indeed
Flee with ten G's to Sesame
B's are we, Ke's for free
Made this bitch p*ssy bleed
Gave that bitch what she need
A long...dick in her life
That Nigga wasn't dickin' her right
So now I'm dickin' your wife
Got a slang of chickens like foster farms
With Yukmouth written across the arm
And on the shoulder,
Nigga I'm a soldier
You're colder than the North Pole,
when Santa Clause goes
Bein' drove by a reindeer
Nothing but game here
Expose my cocaine her
Some raps on tracks
Kojak investigatin',
count the times that flown back
From New Orleans
Meet up with the Ghetto Twiinz,
do our thing
Get the crane
Real husband Niggas know what I mean.

[Chorus x4]

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Record Label(s): 1998 Rap A Lot SoSouth Music Distribution
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