Ball Like Dat Lyrics

[MC Breed]
Ghetto E [echo]
Uh, Big Breed
Flashin', flashin'
I been flashin', flashin'
Flashin', flashin'
Come on

[Hook x2: MC Breed]
Smokin' ounces of the good weed, we ball like dat
Hoes just love to page me, they call like dat
Drinkin' nothin' but the Henny nigga, y'all like dat
Don't f**k with one of us cause see, we all like dat

[MC Breed]
Why I oughta! (Don't do it dawg)
f**k it, I'ma go there
Evidence of my residence is nowhere
I'll look for the address (what) I ain't impressed
I'll address you like "Bring somethin with you"
And "May the Lord bless you"
For real though, skills grow outta control
Forty beat him by the big bop four they done fold
Leave the bank account (why) but the safe work cool
And outta Flint and act the fool
I put it down for the record so you can sweat me if you wanna
Smell of the aroma, marijuana, uh, dig it
With the hammer cocked knowin' ya f**k
While to hit the block, pushin' rocks
With niggas I don't know and they might be cops
Aww f**k it, my kids gotta eat
Tonight, tommarow night, all next week, feel me
To wanna stop me is to kill me, I'm hoppin'
If they probably send the best feds to drill me, motherf**kers
Cause I'm clean when they see me on the streets nowadays (why)
Cause nowadays niggas are warned and chains
That nigga gone blow, I seen him at the sto'
Tellin' them motherf**kers to get down on the flo'
You know how this shit go, before we hit the do'
[gun clicks] just so end up by the .44
Drama, and that's just why your mama can't stand me
I go to Ghetto Theater's to get my Ghetto Grammy

[Hook x2: MC Breed]

Motherf**ker, you be lyin' put you on a strecher
When them thugs test that ass, bitch they couldn't catch ya
You was runnin' for your life, prudent and prime gurdle
Even seen it on the news, you didn't miss a hurdle
You've been scooped by a grouch, you got busted balls
And that mess you used to have, now it's pussy walls
So save that killin' shit you talkin' for them outta states
Cause in my city and yo' city, bitch you known to break
So who the f**k you think you foolin' you's a small baller
Shoestring and Ghetto E the f**kin' shot callers
Niggas dacin' in this shit like dope fiends
If you beef, or have some killers on your f**kin' team
Cause if you don't motherf**ker then you ass out
You let 'em get you for your goods and your glass house
But you rap about you bustin' niggas in they chest
And rollin' niggas up like onions or buddha zest
You big ballin' like a motherf**ker let you tell it
It's a pussy in this bitch and a nigga smell it
You wanna f**k me, motherf**kin' nigga catch these knuckles
You played out like the motherf**kin' hang buckles
Shoestring loose in this motherf**ker bring the drama
Got no love for your ass nigga, f**k your mama
So when you see me put your back up against the wall
My name is Shoestring bitch, I'm known to ball
Big ball, is what I do!

[Hook x2: MC Breed]

[Ghetto E]
I woke up, pissed some herb, jumped in the shower
Told my niggas to come and scoop me in an hour
It's summertime, eighty-seven degrees
In the candy coated Cutlass on gold-D's
Hit the switches, saw some bitches in short skirts
Spillin' Remi, f**kin' up the Nautica shirts
But the Planet Rock Sony system was poundin'
Throwin' gang signs, mean muggin' niggas and clownin'
Smokin' Killa, my nigga Breed broke out the stash
It's a party at the beach that we 'bout to crash
Mad bitches at the beach, I felt like I'm dreamin'
Sun-rays hit my diamonds and got 'em gleamin'
Volleyball in the sand but we ain't playin'
Only came to eat and drink, cause that's how we layin'
Five o'clock beach closed, now we just lerkin'
No more Remi so we started erkin' and jerkin'
Still early, eleven-thirty, time to hit the club
Club jumpin', DJ bumpin' that "I Don't Want No Scrubs"
It's delicious, gettin' kisses from every ho I see
'Til they close we poppin' Mo's in the V.I.P.
Head to Hunter's, dressin' sleppin' to watch the QB's ball
On the stage bad bitches doin' the booty-call
Tellin' bitches if you come with my clique you screwin'
(Ay, so what cha'll doin tonight)
Breed tell these hoes what we doin'

[Hook x2: MC Breed]

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Record Label(s): 2001 Overcore

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