Ran That Scam Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
I done walked around the corner,
Been around the block a couple times when I ain't want
Played with bitches minds, I admit it, yeah I own it!
And damn I feel ashamed, if pimping was major, Jo, I'd
probably have my diploma.
See I would talk to and would text em' every night up
on the phone,
Tell em' that shit they want to hear, but my true
feelings I never show em',
I would invite em to my home, get em' in that zone,
And after that... well it's was history, swear I had
that shit sewn
Had em investing (They whole hearts to a nigga)
If I request it, man, (They was going hard for a nigga)
I'd spit a little game, trying to see just where they
head at!
Make em' do that freaky shit their momma would probably
shake her head at,
The shit that if their fathers saw it he'll want to
beat my ass,
But if truth be told the shit I'm doing, he probably
did in the past,
And If I ever have daughter, I gotta stay up on my
Cause if I don't the shit'll come back twice as hard.

[Pre-Chorus 1:]
Now, baby, please believe it,
Listen when I say that you the one I'm needing
Ain't no other girl, I know, can ever come between us
You the only woman that I'm dating, girl I mean it

I must've ran this scam about million times.

[Chorus 1:]
Must've ran this scam about million times,
Must've told these girls about a million lies,
Swear I've run this scam about million times,
A Million Times

[Verse 2:]
Then I finally grew up, decided to settle down
Get on my grown man, I'm on a higher level now,
A whole new way of thinking, brand new way of acting
No longer playing these women, I'm a stop being being
{I'm a} stop being a bastard.
I'm a start living blameless, then got involved with
this woman who will forever remain nameless.
She was the quiet type, straight freak, but she could
hide it right!
Diploma, own crib, plus she could ride it like a motor
Had style; Fashion like them models on the runway,
The daughter of a pastor, always went to church on
But one thing that was crazy, Shawdy, stay up on that
lying shit,
Trying to be discreet, but she bout subtle as a flying
Word to Aaliyah, Jo, we need a resolution
Cause one day I had find out that I was boyfriend
number 2, shit!
And I swear to God it hurt, and I couldn't even hate it
Especially when I think about the girls I've dated.

[Pre-Chorus 2:]
Now, baby, please believe it.
Listen when I say that you're the only one I'm needing
{And She Say}
And ain't no other boy, I know, can ever come between
us {And She Say}
You the only man that I am dating, boy I mean it

She must've ran this scam about million times.

[Chorus 2:]
Man, I bet she ran that scam a million times!
Jo, yo, I bet she ran that scam a million times
Bet she told these boys about a million lies, a million

Uh! Gerald. Walker.
That's how the shit go, man. [laughs]
If you play, man, more than likely...
Sooner than later, your ass'll get played too, uh!

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Record Label(s): 2013 OSAT Music

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