A New Kind Of Sexy Lyrics

I got a new kind sexy
I'm working on a recipe for fresh
And exotic combinations of some fresh kinds of sexy
A new kind of sexy

Verse 1
My face is like the California government
In terms of how it tends to budget what it's covered in
Hair follicles are public school doors
Every day I open up a new pore
And close two more
But it's improper now to comment on what's risen
Because pimples pop up commoner than prisons
It's all blackheads-- no justice now
But they get overcrowded and I bust em out
I'm like Pop! Pop! motherf**ker, I'm a bad man
And some day my skin'll crack like the Badlands
Like my dad's is
But if that's all, I don't give a rat's balls
I'll wear them like they're badges
Damn a boyscout
They're manscout patches
Cause I'm endowed, and how! Dammit
And I know my body makes you want to hang out bad
The way my skin is cleaner than a Shamwow ad
And someday you'll see my stubble from the hubble
On my mama on the double I'mma look like Barney Rubble

I'm somethin' like a Harry and the Hendersons,
Notice every time my knuckles bury to the fend again,
Cause follicles be flyin' out my wide pores,
double standard cause I love my body and my mind's yours, girl.
I'm grizzlyesque,
You bet he think the yetis wonder "is he blessed?"
My shoulder hair sheen like a solar flare,
I'm a polar bear seekin' out a bowl and air,
Wuzzy Fuzzy from his childhood or early days,
Every time I cook, I guzzle up a dozen curly strays (yucky)
My tweezers stay pluckin'
Your girly gets to floss her teeth every time she's...well,
Kissin' all my lower regions,
The reason that I keep it's cause it's good for colder seasons,
But in the summertime, I'm the asshole sunbathing at the beach,
belly like an afro.
I got a plan laid
for my next bland date,
Tug of war and breezy, wait,
I forgot to manscape.

But for now
I got a new kind sexy
I'm working on a theorem of a new
And experimental blend of different rare kinds of sexy
A new kind of sexy



George verse 2
Yesterday I bought a pullupbar
I made plans to go jog down the boulevard
I changed my culinary choices from full of starch
To full of shit
It's total farce
I haven't run a lap in years
But I'll crack a beer
And run the poker table like a f**kin racketeer
Boom shakalack-f**k
Let's have a potluck
I got a hot buck burning a hole in my pocket
So let's hit the tac-truck
Jock's suck
Just throw everything we got in the wok
And let's grub till it looks like we're knocked up


JT brought sexy back, but it's a cheap one
So I brought that sexy back for a refund
A new sexy's begun

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