All Too Well Lyrics

Yeah, yeah, yeah
Quick to say the obvious when this is preposterous
Don't care about the awkwardness, I know it all too well
The attention makes me hibernate but I've learned to tolerate
Fear with love but I carry hate
f*cked up complex, can you relate?
No, I doubt it. And it's better off that you don't
He's conceited, I can tell so imma slit his f*cking throat
Wait I'm too angry got problems
Have you noticed? Just stuck in [?]
Alone with my thoughts come and bury me, socialize only musically
Most likely gonna have you fooled, sad to say but kinda true
And I'm the one still growing up, relevant who gives a f*ck
I'm that bitch, I wish you would
More gossip on the topic, wasting time come on now drop it
Where's your head at? And why you asking questions?
This simply a distemper, out the womb you steppin'
Asking for handout cause I'm gettin' recognition (not this again)

Ok, I see you
Little buster
f*ck this shit I'm down to ride
Only one thing on my mind
Surviving at all cause it's taken too high
Like all the time
I guess the drugs I misuse
So quick to help my issues
Wait. Who really knows at the moment?
Like all the time
Like all the time
Only one thing on my mind
Like all the time
Like all the time
Only one thing on my mind

I want that brand new shit, shifting in baby steps
Discussion, interruption, only listen cause I overslept
What's the point of saving, lost the craving to the specialty
In the reality your loyalty not done respectfully
Easy for me to see more than you think
Where you coming from?
What goes up must go down, and another one
Subconscious makes me nauseous, tell my sis we gotta be cautious
Independent something sacred
Seen all the bullshit, bet we made it
And that ain't compare to the problems we shared and the bullshit that we facing
Wait, hold up. Take it
Kinda makes you wanna break shit
At a loss just like my patience, and I'm lost because I'm anxious
Have the rawest because my placement,came along with so much hatred
Stuck between a rock and a hard place, tied up like an arm race
Light up like a car chase
Sigh, what am I doing? Everything I say in a sixteen that I lay nowadays leads to so much confusion


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Record Label(s): 2014 Broken Complex Records
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