Video Games Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Put in your quarter
Now it's time for a slaughter
I can move the joystick and watch him murder his daughter
Psychopath Liu Kang, he'll leave you for dead
But Mortal Kombat will let you cut off arms and legs and heads
Now you's a killa, even if your enemy's bigger
Fatality means you get to finish the nigga
Playstation, watch for what you're facing
But you can go play Sega
But I'm gonna go get Raiden
But you can go get Sonya Blade, she's a woman
Ice cold nigga Sub Zero, now he's coming
Psycho NIP, uhh game master, I'm lyrically insane
There's some good and some evil in those video games

[Chorus x2:]
Put the quarter in, now you're on your way
Push one player, then you start to play
You must keep it real when you're tryin to win
Game over nigga, you can play it again

[Verse 2]
See I'm the man that took control
And I'm the one you'll be dealin with
Every person that you kill, see you'll really be feelin it
Healin quick, uh it's like you have a new life
Perfectly in great condition, but there's a new knife
Now it's adding, then you gon subtract one
Then you go attack one, then you go collapse one
Now you're shootin fire and ice, bullets servin em all
I'll teach you how to play Psycho NIP and murder em all
You gotta start from the bottom and rise to the top
Fight hard with combinations, finish him with a glock
Uh, game master, I'm lyrically insane
You got some good and some evil in them video games

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3]
Now it's a challenge, hopin that your ass ain't afraid
On stage, front page, Johnny Cage had a gauge
Move somethin, act bad, this game had a trigger
(..?..) take no shit and didn't fall none of them niggas
Hold em up, JB, funk psycho ass swing
Enemies all perish from a Scorpion's sting
Cuz I'ma Toys R Us kid, the psych ain't bumpin
Everybody plays the game while they smokin on somethin
Uh, go get your niggas, now you're feelin sorry
Psycho NIP posess the souls of a thousand dead warriors
Uh, game master, I'm lyrically insane
You got some good and some evil in them video games

[Chorus x3]

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Record Label(s): 1998 Rap A Lot SoSouth Music Distribution

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