The Forest Lullaby Lyrics

The forest is within me and I am in
I'm the birds' singing above my head
And the wind what sleeps
In crowns of trees

I've noticed her strange dance of a nakedness
Just green ornaments
Ornaments on her face
Twinkling in the glare of a blaze

"The nature adducted me in her lab, I'm her daughter
Singing of the birds is my lullaby
The rustling leaves of the trees, it's my heartbeat"

I lie down face to the Earth
I blur it on my body
Just a dense rain drums against
My skin in the rhythm of primeval

I've seen that rituals
My desires to touch her
That nature in a human shape
But she disappeared in the depth of the forest

2. The Flower And Dark Butterfly

I'm flying through the dark meadow
Among ancient feeling of my love
I'm looking for roots of my flower
I feel its odour near the wood

The moon's hovering over level of the lake
Silver light caressing the deep of the night
Majesty motions of his wings in magic colors
Tender kisses in the night

Dancing in the wind of your desire
Where naked bodies are burning in the flames
Your touch, I feel at my shade
Dark meadow's blooming to the grace

The moon's hovering...
Dancing in the wind...

Under the rain, under full moon
For our night I fall

3. Fear In Their Eyes

What for a fear in their eyes I see
When they stand alone, lonely before the gate of the death

What they fear, What for they cry
Who prisoned their souls, who kills them... eternal night!

How many venoms already ran through their veins
How long time they had trashed their souls

Their minds were obscured to bury the truth
They fear for blood that flows down people's hands

I can hear that screams, can feel that pain
Penetrating deep to my head
I grovel at the ground, feel the cold sweat
That is the LAST!!!

White walls of my room are hunting me
That long fall will be myself's victory

What for a fear in their eyes I see
When they stand alone, lonely before the gate

Their minds were obscured to bury the truth
They fear for blood that flows down people's hands

4. Twilight Time

There was just enough your words
About your senseless truth
You've adapted it to your convenience
There's blood on lips of your faith

I will forever stand against your reign
Obtained with blood of the innocent ones

Here comes your twilight time
You've to fear it for all years
Decline your god in blind minds
You have lie them with false tears

Blood... in the Mirror of Ages
Pain... in the Mirror of Ages

I will forever stand against your reign
Obtained with blood of the innocent ones
Against hypocrisy of your own words
Against your dishonour of women

Under the sign of the Nature
I will root out your seed
Of eternal lies of your words
Standing on frail rudiments

Here comes your Twilight time...

5. In The Garden Of Lost Shades

Blood on the crying engraved name
Hot like my memories
Black stone down in my pain
Dev in eyes of my tears

Blood on flowers of deads
Lost shades are sleeping in the dark
There's no wind in my face
Cemetery's the grace... the grace
See the tears in candlelight
Bleeding thoughts, they're in my mind

Falling down to the ground
In the garden of souls
It's the triumph of the death
November thorns hurt me...

6. 1848

This time, you will not grave the hate
That grew in our hearts for many years... for long years...

These words did sound in all the land
These words shattered one mighty world
Our truth persisted long centuries
Kept deep in our hearts and in our speech

Thousand years forgotten for everyone
We were like slaves in our land
We walked through time with innocent hands
The Sun shone, but our eyes were blind

The Spring of Nations - those mighty efforts to change the world
They broke our patience, and led us to be proud and strong

We joined ruler of the monarchy
We had our desires and our dreams
We fought for our nation's liberty

7. Vampirian Love

By full moon, in the darkest hours
In my heart, in my house of power
I can feel desire of your shade

Mystic haze's falling down on me
In the circle of the forest trees
If I want to live, I need your blood

Through an ancient land
I’m wondering to you
With wind in my hair
I’m wondering to my love

For a moment, I have seen your face
In my mind, I remember that naked body
It was bleeding out of wounds

I drunk warm blood from her veins
She was my cure for all my pain
With her love, I can now LIVE!

We drunk the blood, each other
I felt the change in my heart
We were like wolves, wolves in the hunt

Then I embraced her
And veiled to my cloak
When the moon set down
We had to disappear... disappear!!!

8. Lost Paths Of Unicorns

A breeze is tearing down the leaves of the trees
(That are) falling asleep in the colors of Fall

Again, I can hear that strange beat of the Earth
That melancholy neigh and sorth of the nostrils

The strokes of hoofs sound again over the land
I can see them again galloping gracefully
Their blowing white manes, a tender sharp horn on their brow

Only a virgin could touch their grace
And feel the touch of their eyelashes in her palm
Just today, when I’m scrolling across the forest
And that ancient touch is warming my palms

Just today, I’m trying to find the traces of UNICORNS
As if their traces were still warm
But those paths have been overgrown with grass
For a long time...

9. The Battle By Wogastisburg

Through the haze of the ancient time
I can see the looks of my ancestors
There’s love for freedom in their eyes

The tears of women covered battlefields
Embraced the LAND with sadness
I can hear their sighs from that deep silence

There flew out the first spear from their hands
To the hearts of foes
There sounded glory screams from their mouths

Blows of shields, the screams of victory
And mother Earth adopted her own sons
In her inside, she embraced their bodies

When the sighs were over
At the battlefield, comes to a stand
Men covered by blood, sons of the Earth
With blazing shields and trembling lips, they were saluting sunrise...
Days of freedom...

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