Champion Lyrics

Listen close while I lace track
Take you way back
You finally found a needle in the haystack
The mold? I'ma break that
That's a promise, no take backs
In my raps all I do is state facts
I'm here for revival, we survive states of emergency
They heard of me as the greatest, I'm taking back the title
Rap and write in fashion property
Only manages a psycho
Who's took a hint and no just like American Idols
That's on the bible, I'm the most underrated, livin' by it
Mirror-citing these purposeful flows 'til the kid is dying
I dare them to try it, yo
I been beside of myself, just lookin' for help
Can't believe what these niggas selling, I ain't buying it
Look at the brand, man, who's buying in?
Beautiful music that come with poetry and violins
It's good for you like vitamins
All I do is try and win
I only speak the truth, I promised that I'd never lie again in '96
My word is good for it
Ay, look at my intelligence, know I ain't hood for it
Found out what meant something to me then I stood for it
I be making a difference, now where is your portion?
I got power, I ain't talking hood horses
Take the family out to dinner, be eatin' them good courses
On them vacas', 'fore I was lost, souls feel like they strays
Until I made a Playstix at my place, and they felt safe
Yeah, that's what a boss do
All my life been making boss moves
And ain't no dollar amount that come with my freedom and my happiness
So if you make the family pictures, know that that'll cost you
f*ck around and toss you, I can pay the lawsuit
Never went head-to-head with a rapper that I lost to
Impossible, any obstacle, I bet I jog through
Don't care about your fame, I heard your songs and they all poop
Bitch-made illiterate nigga
I been better since the 6th grade and that's being generous
I don't wanna hear your mix tape, your shit's straight garbage
Actin' like your hits bang, but remain harmless
I'ma target, they bombard me with the hate
And won't but a chink in my armor
I'm harvesting my success through the mud, I feel like a farmer
Gave the crops and the props to my people, that's good for karma
That's respect upon my name every single time it get brought up
I put that on my mamma like my upbringing
I understand they had enough singing
I got to fire back as much needed
My progress never been impeded
If it's out of pocket, you can get socked and then deleted
My squad been down to mob, we walk in and stampede it
My story gotta be heard through the tone, you can't read it
Faithless, feeling something, believe it but can't see it
Just know that Futuristic was always a champion

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