Batter Up Lyrics

yea im sicka speakin wit no action
spendin weekends wit a bad chick
cuz chillin dont add chips
i receive on the back end
not what i deserve for my passion
sweat, blood, and tears..I give it all
what dont break me, gonna make me till im living large
nobody sees this vision in my heart
and if you gonna listen its a start
you aint a part of this, you are apart
leavin on a plane to a place very far
im never comin back cuz i cannot carry all
writing blueprints till i got a hairy jaw
convict stayin home becuz of the scary law
told my mama one day ..ima make it
and put a smile so big on her face she needa fake it
i see the prize and its mine for the takin

I told you i was leavin on the next flight
got my luggage all ready with my head high
my current destination is success
ive seen other players make it and im up next
batter up!
yeah im up next
Batter up!
yeah im up next
a homeruns comin up and im up next

i said alott of things i didnt do
been stackin my regrets since middleschool
learned to live with all of lifes principles
and i pray here and there to get me thru
i admit the past years was a slide for me
thought the only damn girl that would ride for me
dont exist in my life and said bye to me
u might be thinkin that be pussy right
if you went thru the same you would suicide
but you aint I, not the same guy
not the same life..
my ambition, bigger than the devils pie
get a slice
my premier ima get it right
just alike a sprint homie, i cant step aside
let me ride up till im in space or heaven high
tryna fly pass the 9 to 5 get me bys
dont bother me im in the zone, itll help
im ghostin, dont wanna repeat myself
tryna beat the system and get them strong
got my first class ticket and its on


im 22 and im so impatient
incarceration didnt fix this patient
but certainly better than i was
this irgency cant be stopped by slugs
tryna be quick but everything slow
i learned from hustlin quick come quick go
but i guess the lesson wasnt big yo
cause i still cant wait like a kid yo
my mind on the myth of the big blow
time time, grind grind i love what im doin so fine fine
ive been kickin back like im fallin in my chair
i needa step it up like the bottom of the stairs
hiphop in ktown is longing for mayor
you dont have to vote, put my song up in ur player
and if you dont feel it just throw it in the air
you dont have to like me, cuz i dont really care
a kid wit a message i know that it be rare
yeah givin it all i got
and if you wit me, we splittin it up on spot


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Record Label(s): 2010 Furis

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