Frukwan Lyrics

[Chorus x4: Frukwan (Maraj)]
Frukwaaaaan.... (ah-ahhh...)

Yo, check it..
My body feels, set the wreck, disconnect, heads from neck
Crossin' bones, raid ya home, f**k you thugs and Al Capones
Go against me, G? Bring a f**kin' military, G
I drop bombs and shit, made to spit, plastered it, blastin' it
Rapid fire gladiator, who the f**k am I? Next door neighbor?
The illest pursuit, I'm after ya, crashin' ya, harassin' ya
Same brother in the store with ya, never thought that I was stalkin' ya
Scorpion, Kevorkian, same stable that your horse be in
Skip the dirt, enhance my work, cop my purse, defend my turf

[Chorus x4]

Yo, I bring chaos, mayhem, crash the wood, rip the hood
Niggaz can't rock half as good, phony ass go to Hollywood
My recipe's, destiny, fightin' for my ancestry
Stand down, admit defeat, catastrophe's, blasphemy
Now it's a game with toys and feedin' the young the poison
Frukwan, Black Moses, explode like guns and roses
Cultivate, amputate, alter states, decapitate
Box you in, lock you in, drain brothers from they oxygen
What you see, higher degrees, think about before you step to me

[Chorus x4]

Yo, the crate is deep, smokin' dust, guns that bust, start to rust
Melt the lead, heads are dread, don't give a f**k, what you said
Ain't no one protectin' ya, body bags is collectin' ya
Raid ya crib, crack ya ribs, hold ya whole fam hostages
Psycho with a rifle, poke your ass full of knife holes
Attica, massacre, yeah, it's funny when they laugh at ya
I road dirt in a black hearst, keep a nine in the black purse
Protector of the sector, the real, the resurrector
The warlord, the lord of all, bloodshed and pain
If anyone care to ask, Frukwan, be the name, yo..

[Chorus x8]

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