Shammy's Lyrics

That's the jimmy on the jimmy on the jammy
A double whammy
Not your mammy or gammy
But maybe your ladys a shammy
If she likes to put her nickname on her fanny
Chitty-chitty bang-bang, ittty-bitty brain-game
Hope its not the same thing that I heard before
Rollin' with a chain gang, couldn't be a plain jane
A dressed up shammy is a messed up ho
With dookie braids she parades in the street to the beat
Six-deep, heading for the swap meet
Complete she deletes the definition of a freak
Her body is bad but her girl is sad (?)

I met my first shammy on the hillcrest drive
At a funky fresh jam back in 1985
I said damn, whats up with the flim flam?
And the wham to the bam to the thank-you ma'am
I got a Cadillac ride sittin' right outside,
But baby gotta keep it low, so we gots'ta hide
But then the DJ kicked in the bass
And everybody picked up the pace
She bumped the rump that had the hip-hop pumpin
And then she put her booty all in my face
Lemme tell ya she was rubbin on my knees with her permanent crease
Turned around and then she was pullin on my BVDs
Yo baby.. i. did. not. say. that. you. could. do. THAT!
Now leave my booty alone and give me cushion for the pushin' on my bone
Hi ho, hi ho, hi ho, hi ho
Welcome to the shammy hall of fame front row
Brought up as a pinky and the stinky up close (?)
Shammy's getting faded on the fellowship show
Hi ho hi ho ho hi ho
Gimme little look ****** and I will go
Buniqua and Batina and Shatima know the pro
Fessional-pro-fessional-pro hi ho
From Idaho to Ohio the shammys get the pros
Words from the summit, the shammys favorite homo
Bye ho, bye ho, bye hos, bye hos, by ho

I went to a shammy convention annually given by the neighbor shammys
Pulled a shammy named Shalqua off the green eyes camera called the cookie
Aw suki suki, aw took me took me to the back She laid me on my back
Lookie lookie lookie here, she was waitin to sip the congac
Oh shit, baby baby please- draws and t-shirt
Laid her on the floor, wore her out without a doubt
Shalqua cock-a-rocka bull shammy is a ballers best friend
You'll agree-
A party over here, a party over there
A party in your mouth and the fellowship was cumin'

Well my story starts way back in eighty-deuce
When my nuts started swellin' and developin' juice
The shammys in my hood used to get loose
That's when I started noticing the big caboose
A big black booty stuffed in them jeans
It was a halified- shammified calendar queen
Walked over to me and she said "what up?"
Caught me by surprise so I said "what up?"
She said "my name's shaniqua, you can call me shay-shay
You can call me baby, but don't call me babay"
She was proper, no bullsharkin' well hey hey
So acey starting shootin' game like an AK
I said whom-whoom-whoom-whoom-whoompty-woom
Start shakin' that junk in the trunk for the crew
Now I love laquita, prashonda, and petunia
Not jimmy shammy baker or shammy davis jr
Here in LA, all down in alabamy
Or over down the east coast down in Miami
A certain type of twang-thang learnt from my mammy
Its called the flim-flammy and she's called the shammy

I refuse to call a girl the shammy
Don't let 'em fool ya
Even though they call you a jezebel
Skeezer groupie gold-digger bitch, well, tramp
Strawberry stank-ho queen- it seems they know not what these words mean
Check my keen senses, princess
Black beauty, nice duty, black pearl, fly girl
Don't Stop- dark and lovely choclate drop
Brown sugar blackberries of hip hop- Sold
Shimmer up and lemme tell you something
Mature and slender, young and tender
Nothing will hinder my full surrender to our nations pearls
Black girls

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Record Label(s): 1993 The Island Def Jam Music Group
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