This 1's For Dirt Lyrics

[Intro: Free Murda]
Yeah, uh-huh, uh-huh
Yeah, Free Murda
Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh
Fort Greene, uh-huh, uh-huh
Brooklyn, 718
This one for Dirt...
This one for Dirt...
Yeah, uh-huh, check it, yeah

[Free Murda:]
Bitch on my big dick, quick to get that ass up
Before I hit it, in the shit, I make her hit the bathtub
Pull her pants down, I don't wanna hear her chaster
With her hands out, for my chips, like a pastor
Past her.. plug her into walls like adapters
Take it to the hole, try'nna score like the Raptors
Your bitch backed up, watch her making my hoe
Had that chick gassed up, more than ya Tahoe
Back up, once you see that four o'clock-tro
Hot foe, wanna beef with shells like a taco
Lame ass, you and your dame suck cock together
The way your 'dame dash', you can sign you to Roc-A-Fella
Try and shit, man, you ain't ride nothing nice
And your whip's plain, sorta like your f**king flight
Get your dove, right, here buck-seven, on
Yeah, that Snow White don't come with them Seven Dwarfs

[Chorus: Free Murda]
This one for Dirt, didididi-do, yea
This one for Dirt, didididi-do, yea
This one for Dirt, didididi-do, yea
This one for Dirt, didididi-do, yea
Calling me a dog, then leave this dog alone
Cuz nothing can stop me from burying my bones
In the backyard, of someone else's house
This Free Murda, but he not dogged out
Free Murda, but he not dogged out
Free Murda, but he not dogged out

[Free Murda:]
Smoke bones of that sticky shit, get dome, from a skinny chick
You already know, what don't hit me, miss
Chicks moan off that gritty, shit, I want foam on them titties, miss
Get blows from a pretty chick
I'm from Fort Greene, home of the Fifty Cent
Home of Killa Ben, home of many men
Go to the Hillie, then, go to the cemi', then
Do like a buck, rolling on them remy rims
I don't eat pork, there's no hairs on my chinny chin
But I keep kush, look at the hairs on them pretty twins
We need to copy you, smoke dirt, now that's reckless
Your chick top me, like she's first, and I was second
Off the record, I had your chick naked
Free Murda, just like a wire, we don't wet it
Blow so much cake, spit it on your chick fast
Hold so much weight, they think I need Slim Fast


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