Talkin Bout Money
Fred The Godson


Talkin Bout Money Lyrics

[Intro: Fred The Godson (DJ Drama)]
Ah, Fred The Godson
Remo, we back at it, right?
T.B.M. (talk to 'em, Fred)

[Verse 1: Fred The Godson]
Yeah, they beg me to leave the streets, so I said okay to the rhyme
The mind gotta eat, I'll cater the lines
I still tower over, Al'Qaeda the grind
You get it? Al'Qaeda, tower over, never mind
Shit, I invented the slick talk
Now I blew, I could Crip walk
I bought the MAC (?), homie don't get caught
'Cause if blackboard, you can get chalk
See when I rhyme it's a weapon
Way I punchline you gotta line me with legends
Dumb it down, bet
Well take a ruler, measure your bed to see how long you slept
Now that's stupid, tellin' you this man's sick
I put an end to you and whoever you ran with
I'm from a block of single mothers and (?)
I'm on the Van Wyck, 36 grams, sick
I got the plate and a ki of grey
Watchin' Blake jump over the Kia grey
We on the couch, I told her feel free, AJ
She do it plain, but she goin' down, mayday
Like memorial day
You know that day is in May, anyway
I said I'm too deep for the listener, they missin' a win
They feel I'm in they top list
Once they listen again, I'm him
[Chorus: Remo The Hitmaker]
Ahhh, ahhh, I'm talkin' 'bout money
Ahhh, ahhh, I'm talkin' 'bout money, yeah
Talkin' 'bout money

[Verse 2: Fred The Godson]
Big Jesus piece on the necklace, check this
I got a lot, so it's only 30, bring ya block down, Teris
I'm at state of mind that's as big as Texas
Exes call me up, talkin' reckless
You walkin', I'm Lexus
You starvin', I'm breakfast
You just started though, and I bread this, bet this
You pretty, I bag ya girl wearin' (?)
Then I'll beat in the whip, I'ma (?)
Y'all too soft, I'll in turn spark
Y'all too frail, like Dale you gotta Earnhardt
It's confirmed, sharks swim in the water
Take the fishscale in water and break 'em into quarters
Just so you can see
Sharks, fish and water, just so you can see
Hahaha, s-e-a
We (?) the most, (?) then the rest we can weigh
They sayin' I'm the best everyday
They sayin' I'm the best everyday
I'm too deep for the listener, they missin' a win
They find I'm in they top list
Once they listen again, I'm him
[Chorus: Remo The Hitmaker]
Ahhh, ohhh, I'm talkin' 'bout money
Ahhh yeah, oohhh, I'm talkin' 'bout money
Oh yeah, yeah, yeah

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Songwriter(s): Fred The Godson
Record Label(s): 2011 TBM
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