Never Enough
Fred E.t.
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Never Enough Lyrics

Hahahaha haaaaaaaa!
Is this thing on?
Yea so uh
I guess this is chapter one
Or is it the prologue?
I dont know

Shakin' my head, shakin' my head
For no reason these negus read me like a closed book and its open season
Gotta bring the waves back so yo hoe can see em
Got misogynistic lines i mix in
Basic dimes and guys who fail to listen, not my mission, try upliftin'
And Im lost inside my copy-cat community it cost to be the deity, I deem to be with righteous people
I been close to this cliff
Workin to finish and spit up something captivating that
Herb the IV
Neva heard before
You see the green & light up?
I see a bunch of herbivores
Dammit, I'm a cannibal with Hannibal lectures
Chew u alive then i will guide u in a better direction
My name is Freddy, the extra terrestrial, tellin ladies and gentlemen to tell a friend while touching base with my celestial
Could've gave u someone else's flow, watered down
Just to be current, important in the now
Not some other neighborhood nigga that never made it out they town
Now they grown now
Half stepped on passion, got that ass left
Write perspectives, you not expectin'
Negus try they hardest to be accepted in 2016
More than 16s to get up off my chest bitch
Savvy with the talents and good riddance to the textbooks, UH!

Southside enigma
Grin hit his earlobes
Redefinin my meaning of life is what I'm here fo'
Reclusive nuisance, laid back, still act foolish
Serious moments, know when to adapt to em
Show em just how to do it
Everyday im improvin'
Til the very day i lay in my grave
Daisy pushin & soil snoozin
So pray for prey if they overlook me
Microwave they favorites thoughts
I feed nothin but home cookin
Let it simmer down

Yea my nigga try to practice to what im bringin'
To the table, hear my hunger 'til im eatin'
Kobe seasoned, all recordings sound like Jordan's apprentice
Any limitations created, know it ain't in attendance
Your favorite is finished got Faith in a mirror
A splittin image of spittin spinach
Poetry pop eyes
Get it off the muscle, you can neva Shakespeare it
Forget to eat
Forget to sleep
My mind is active
Relaxation, more distractions
Never enough
Negus talk down consciousness
When most of it is common sense, uh
You know the, hotep, woke wave, bullshit
They claim, shame indigos til they blue in the face
Seem like u in a race, not at ya own pace
Stay in ya lane
How you use ya energy is not the same
Negus walk round talk loud, docile to a Rothschild mane
Get ya money up hoe, they not throwin' you shit when ya status is broke, & its never enough
Caught up prayin' for a real bad bitch
Til yo situation at hand get real bad bitch
I just hope I end up givin u something
That'll scrunch ya face and make u say
"I feel that shit"
Even then..

[Outro x3: Fred E.T.]
I might
Lose my mind like im runnin out of time
They say
Faith is what u make
Make up yo mind

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Songwriter(s): Fred E.T.
Record Label(s): 2017 Human MVMT
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