Jumpin' Lyrics

Jumpin' jumpin' jumpin' jumpin' Jumpin' jumpin' jumpin' jumpin'

[Verse 1: Gavin]
They be's like gavin why you always in the club spazzin'
Why you always dancing with your jewels all flashing
Why you got your pants saggin' why is you braggin'
I got no answers bitch stop asking
Young g is fox 5 captain
Niggas front row in ya show and start clappin'
However you want it dog it's gon happen
Y'all niggas broke and only see roles when ya acting

[Verse 2: Red]
Simply put you playing with power now
Since they shook the game is ours and
The breath control is exercised and It's the f the o the x the 5, uh
Damn, he got the flow we bout to blow, pause
We rap for dough he rap for no cause
Ain't no way my soldiers can loose
Red handed I'm tellin' you it's over for you

Jumpin' jumpin' jumpin' jumpin' Jumpin' jumpin' jumpin' jumpin'

[Verse 3: Young Mouse]
Oh what you know about a cat like me
Raps like me and got stacks like me
And just flooded with jewels
With a gat that heat while my neck cools
Chicks drool when they see fox 5 crew
And Walk with crypt blue louie vuitton shoes
Roll with fox so I got a lot of dough
Got polo but now dolce gabana hoes

[Verse 4: Curtains]
Fox 5 is on the block you see the size of the watch
You see the size of the rock, just step inside and just watch
Hoes that be fenin', foes that be scheming
No you ain't even close to this team man no buddy
Everyday you see the crew splurging and
We shut down transit like bloomberg did
Style like the juice crew we the new version, yup
Every week I fly a new bird in next Fox comin' in outta place ya
Betta mind where ya see y'her Foxy comin' in tha place (Ooh ooh)

[Verse 5: Foxy Brown]
When fox come through ha'd the whole muthaf*ckin' bashment
Bust the place bruk off ya wig gyal
Throw ya hands up the screechy the drive by
Tivilly garden squadron with the laa laa
Y'all know gun cock fox put in work
From jungle, to rema, sherlock to dunkirk I bad gyal shit dis mon wit sick bod' personal I'm merciful p*ssy
And the f*ck wrong wit them?
Hoes having nervous break down for manolo tims
And last year I cop fo' five six pairs of them
Now I wear 'em to get pedicures in the mall
f*ck is y'all frontin' for
Now every hood bitch in the blanik store and so I know y'all see this bullshit in the paper
Foxy spazzed out in airport in jamaica
But f*ck y'all thought niggas know I rep
You see I leave scott free and pee-pee on ya step
Get the dump and have this whole f*cking place
Get the goons to clear this whole room
Right on the dance floor they spinning my song
I'm all two stepping with my lou vittons on I'm all...

[Hook] (Until fade)
Jumpin' jumpin' jumpin' jumpin' Jumpin' jumpin' jumpin' jumpin'

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Record Label(s): 2003 On The Low
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