I Don't Care
Foxy Brown
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I Don't Care Lyrics

(feat. Kofi)


[Chyna White]
Yo, consider me a roll model if there's beef in the club
I'm that lil' white bitch that's gonna throw bottles
Me and the fam has this whole model
f*ck you, f*ck them, f*ck all uh yall
So what if this is not the kids?
So what if there's a hundred labels that got the bid?
So what if I dreamed the devil never dared me to sin?
So what if the industry compares me to him?
So what if I write hard?
Or is it really just a big f*ckin' deal cuz' it's comin' from a white broad
So what, hear me so what?!
If I bring it most of these rappers gon' fold up
I don't care if I might be on top, I can give a flyin' f*ck
If you like me or not
So what if you think I'm not the illest chick?
I don't care you still gotta feel dis bitch
I don't care

To all the hatas that be lookin' to fade us
We not concerned wit what chu put in the papers I DON'T CARE
We stayin' focus while you try to provoke us
We never cared that industry notice

[Foxy Brown]
Don't give a FLUCK (f*ck) niggas know I'm BUCK
Niggas know I'm reppin' they don't f*ck wit' me
Bitches know I'm 7 go head get slick
Tick this bitch off get cho highway to heaven nigga
Slick shit hot shit I'm so gutter
If I die tomorrow I reserect through my young brotha
Oh Gawd got to warn yah first shawty spit hard
And she rollin' with the Brown broad
Young Fox don't co-sign shit niggas know she gotta be a live bitch
If we f*ck wit her
Niggas know how the f*ck I flow
It's a rap I'm so back it's a double high mode nigga
Please believe it's the BK pretty broad
Code D is a white sex in the city broad
Out in that field we get it crunk we cruise pop
Wit two 20 glocks holla yah heard Fox

[Chorus (x2)]

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Songwriter(s): J. Grigsby, Jerome Jones, Rufus Moore, S. Joseph, Jason Brown
Publisher(s): Jason Brown Publishing
Record Label(s): 2001 UMG Recordings, Inc
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