The Plan Pt. 2 Lyrics

Eye to eye with the pole, shit start drippin' down his nose
He can't move, that nigga froze
His pants to his knees, he said, 'baby please don't squeeze
I'll give you anything you need'
She say, 'boy the safe, n*gga open up the safe, you move wrong and imma spray'
He said, 'girl I got it, you can even have my wallet
You want the money out my pockets?'
I knew you were cappin
p*ssy n*gga you a Patrick, all that money yeah you lackin
Now go get my money before I shoot you in the stomach
Try something n*gga you a dummy
Tryna think fast, he start walking down the stairs, hе feel the pistols in the hair
His phone starts to ring, shе say, 'n*gga let it ring, you bust a move and ima squeeze'
He say, 'girl ok'
You should see the nigga face, while he empty out the safe
He give her the bag, tell her this shit won't pass
She cock the pistol and she laugh
She reach for the door, then his partner hit the door looking like he wanted smoke
He got a Glock .40, then he aiming at shawty and said, 'move bitch and ima pop it'
She said 'nigga buss it, p*ssy boy I think you bluffin
You work for him then you ain't nothing'
She said 'nigga try me, if you move then he get bodied'
I hit the door, I got the shotty, I said, 'this the plan, you gone put the pistol down, step back and turn around
And if you don't do it, ima hit you with the gauge
This bitch got kick like Johnny Cage
Now what you gone do? You don't listen boy you through
I promise you that ima shoot
And bitch I won't miss'
I point the shotty in his shit, I grab it with a tighter grip
Say, 'I'm bout my business', then his watch got my attention
Diamonds on it and they glisten, I say, 'take it off, p*ssy nigga take it off' I put the shotty in his mouth, he take off the watch but still clutching on the Glock
Shawty looking at the clock, it's bout time to go
She say, 'Foo don't take no mo, just hit that n*gga with the pole
He said, 'Oh that's Foo?! All that shit I did for you, you turn around and what you do?!'
My heart beating fast, I start taking off my mask
I see this n*gga getting mad, 'I f*cked up a bag
I lost everything I had, I ain't even got a pad
You left me down bad, p*ssy nigga now you mad?
I told you I'd get ya ass', he start to charge me
Moving fast he tried to dodge, shawty pistol whipped him hard 'Boy you a fool, didn't I tell you not to move? Finna blow yo shit back to the moon'
He said, 'girl don't shoot, I done gave you all the loot'
I told her, 'you know what to do'
His partner said, 'wait, just give them the other safe. It ain't but a hundred k'
She say, 'hundred k?'
She put the pistol in his face, n*gga take us to the safe
He look in the Glock, then he turn and see the clock, then he pointed at the spot
His homie just watch, I turn around I take his Glock, 'move n*gga ima pop'
I go to the spot, in that bitch he got a block
Never seen so many knots, I look at the clock
She say, 'Foo, it's 3 o'clock, get that shit and then we out'
I throw her the Glock, then I open up the bag, I start to empty out the stash and I find a badge
'Why the f*ck you got a badge?'
He look away and then he laugh, I almost choke
I say, 'n*gga you the folk? This shit here gotta be a joke!'
Said, 'what you gone do? if you shoot me, boy you through, them cameras up there is the proof'
She said, 'what the f*ck? Foo, this n*gga set us up!'
She up the pistol and she bust

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Songwriter(s): Foogiano, SpiffoMadeIt
Record Label(s): 2020 Atlantic Recording Corporation
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