Havin' A Ball Lyrics

Mm, mm, mm ... Yeah.

Cleveland, better believe it, we stay thievin?every last evening, y抋ll.
Flesh-N-Bone, spreadin?my thug luv, havin?a ball.

Workin?it on the side, I straddle my nuts. Puff on my green stuff, what did I look up and saw? All the police man chase me down, here come the end, f**k the law, y抋ll. Nigga, Fifth Dog roll still. Spit with quickness in a nigga抯 grill with a pscychothic maniac, who fear? Run him over like a ton of steel, then peel they ass off the ground. Put him in a bodybag now. Damn, I am that I am, that hustla off the C-Town. And Cleveland, better believe it, we stay thievin?every last evening.

I might retreat, but proceed with ease, and leavin?Cleveland all through the eardrum, bleeding. Then if you talk shit, when I puff on this hit, then i抦a fix it. Better go get Trix for your kids, cause i抦 explicit. All my flavors mixed in the same pot at a thousand degrees hot. Now look what the hater done got caught up. Listen and everyone gossip 慴out, 揊lesh kicked his ass.? I抦 a hell of a nigga, but niggas, including you fools, enough to abuse. I pick up my tool I choose to use to cause you damage, let off my uuuuuzi. Hannibal Lectur, silence my lamb, kind of a slaughter movie. Now, who抯 the one draped in a grim reaper suit, you thought you knew me.

Cleveland, better believe it, we stay thievin?every last evening, y抋ll.
Flesh-N-Bone, spreadin?my thug luv, havin?a ball.

Yeah, East 99, eternally thugsta. How many down there gonna get with this shit? It抯 so wicked and off bound. Hittin?you with a level straight off the top. You better be able to hang, and when I get down, I swang. I抦 doin?my thang, no pain no gain, no pain, no thang. f**k the fame. Gimme the green, God, how it makes me holla when I collect with a phat check, to the bank I jet. Quickly Flesh flash back to the session, finna get started. Gotta drop P抸 to my city, lovin?my city, the land of the heartless.

Don抰 start shit, even if you was to try some shit, then you抮e gonna rectify wig splitters comin?to split your wig and diggin?his grave, oh my! All you playa haters gonna catch vapors when I greet ya now. Who wanna do creep now, when I let loose, we street sweep ya. Comin?up out ya, nigga, this thugsta thievin? i抦 still the man. Buckin?these niggas, cannon cocked in hand. Swarm, and stormin?through lands. Mentality devil, straight hardcore. Then, of course, gotta keep it real. I gotta pop my steal, then if I peeled your cap back it was my will.

Cleveland, better believe it, we stay thievin?every last evening, y抋ll.
Flesh-N-Bone, spreadin?my thug luv, havin?a ball.

Run æ…¹m over like a bulldozer. The reason I brang when I crept and I came.
Easily tame niggas who thought they could hang, now beat æ…¹m with bats and
chains. Nigga, my name remain insane whenever i抦 havin?a ball. Cleveland, we stay thievin? even if I was to come to your town, y抋ll get with the Fifth Dog. Just let me know what you request and i抣l do my best to retrieve. Back in the day on the block, when I sold the chop chop, yell at the fiends, 搚o, what you need??Kakhi suites, stompin?in high-tech boots, and skullies and briads, my motto.

I gotta thug, cuz, I want a buzz, now gimme the forty ounce bottle. Them hoes all over my bottom, I tried to sweep 慹m off with the broom, but your lady sucked on my nuts so hard, sometimes I have to use a vacuum. Remember the gangsta, gangsta, nigga, the day we got thugsta, thugsta, then if your ass a pranksta, pranksta, then his whole ass got shanked the f**k up. Whenever you hear my grown folks talkin? you better close your mouth. Then if you was to interupt me while I was spittin?game, i抦 knockin?your teeth out. Pimp smackin?these hoes like G-oldie. Pap, pap. Trick, still let me tell you somethin? cuz, if you ain抰 down with the clique, start shit, and i抦 dumpin?slugs.

Cleveland, better believe it, we stay thievin every last evening, y抋ll.
Flesh-N-Bone, spreadin?my thug luv, havin?a ball.

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