What Is Love Lyrics

FiO Baby

What is love? f**k that shit! Grab a beer, Grab a bitch,
Look at that chest, look at that rear, turn me up, its a party queer
That Mary Jane, that Citizen Kane, with this Champagne, I feel no pain
shits insane, I’ve killed my brain, I know its played out, but I make it

Don’t worry about buying, I got these bills
Don’t know the street life and I never will
You brought your girls, I brought my boys
You don’t know it yet, but you just a toy

Like Posada, you good on your knees
Theres a bed upstairs, and the drinks are free
I own this table, watch and see, Im Here all night, Im on a spree
Im bouncing these balls like the NBA, hitting more shots than Kobe B.

I got more time than Doc and Marty,
Kinda like Back to the Future 3
My eyes are low, I look Chinese
Am I slurring yet? more vodka please

Girl where you from? What do you do?
Your eyes, a lil low, do you have a clue?

I don’t know what she’s had, but Ill have a few
Said she’s overdue, guess thats my Que.
Back to the hot tub, Twist and Rub
Back to the 90’s, called me a scrub

I told that Pigeon Im not a thug
Cause Im in another league
I got my own club
I slug homeruns like the Chi-Town cubs

BiG TriO, Teddy Phaeton, Forget About It!

Patty L
Lady come here, take a shot, grab a beer
As the music flows in your ear
Please don’t hurt me no more
Please don’t be just another whore

So take a shot then dance with me
as the DJ spins some new JP
Bring your girls back to V.I.P
so they can chill with my boys and me

Before the nights over, you’ll be out your dress
compare me to other dudes, theres no contest
If I’m slurring my words, heres why…
Im with FiO, Joey T, Ted, and Tina getting high

Me and my boys pop bottles all night
come take a shot, we’ll get ya feeling right
so after the club, party at my crib
if you’re a sloppy mess then bring a bib

No time for a club head skanky ho
Love dime piece strippers, thats fo’ sho’
Can’t stand these juiced up guido fags
Wear shirts ripped up, like they made from rags

Tape ups, Faux Hawks, they all the same
Frolicing with other guys cause they got no game
wear shirts mad tight, dress mad lame
Go tanning, wear make up, can’t bag a dame

Joey T

(Okay, Like a gentleman, whats your story? You Hollister Scumbag)

White House, Crobar, NYC
Pacha, Bed, IM JOEY T
From the Gym to the Club to the Beach to the Mall
Me & my boys, we hit em’ all

Affliction, Hardy, Seven, what i miss?
Diesel T, DG on my wrist
got a short temper, don't get me pissed
like Mike Tyson, got lethal fists

Although house is my life, I can still spit
Got too much heart i'll never quit!

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