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Tells the tale of troll-kin travelling far north to their promised land.
Deep under the black northern mountains lies the throne of the
ancient troll-king "RivFader". Once united in the troll-kings court
they shall surface to do battle against christianity.

A great wolf lurks in the forest and an evil fire burns between the trees.
Two prophecies predicting the return of RivFader, a legendary troll-king
who once ruled the northern lands. When the white serpent is seen
on the arctic sky RivFader returns and shall strike down the followers
of the christian plague. Hail, RivFader!

Goblins awaken from the bowels of the earth and destroy the
villages and cities of the north. Feasting on humans for the first time
in thousand years, they prefer the unborn and their carrying mothers.
The bodies are piled along the oundaries of the northern lands.

Aamund and Kettil, two men of the cloth, are bathing in a sauna.
Suddenly trolls break in! They cut Aamunds ears off and beat up
Kettil until the sauna explodes!

A mighty troll warrior sharpens his sword. He prepares his armour, binds
his beard and tars his face. As the sun sets, he rides a giant wolf to the
crusaders fortress. He slays the wrong-believers and feasts on their blood.

"Midnattens Widunder"
A greeting for the trollkingdom in the mountains
and a threat against the children of Eve and the tribe of christ.

The trolls and goblins celebrate their victory over the tribe of christ
with a majestic feast and songs praising the moon. This night is eternal?
Beasts of the night? This darkness will never end!

Feasting ends in sleepy harmony as the mushrooms used
as spice start to affect the minds of the celebrants.
The moon stands high and everything remains dark eternal.

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