West Coast Love Lyrics

[Verse 1: Chingon]
Here she comes
She's having fun
She's drunk, sexy
Imagine that
Weed and women
West coast rap's
Perfect size, long hair, brown eyes
Blunts my tight, big butts, my type
She's a sure shot
Rubs her hot spot
Luxury wraps, bad activity
Metaphors, help you score, she's back for more
De cincho, se la chingo el pimpo
Del quinto solasos, two king bolasos
Can Chingon bruise microphones?
My producer
Felon, you know I'm a thug
You know how I ride, the clika Fifth Sun
Can't f**k with these, Mexican young guns
In Coachella, rifa, big bad Califa

[Chorus: Chingon]
All up in these clubs
We just wanna f**k
Smoking bud, with these thugs
West coast love, you know what's up


[Verse 2: Malverde {Chingon in background}]
Calsones, condones
Sound on que dondes, where all my necos, cabrones
Con cojones, bien chingones
You clockin', what, you want this?
Stiff with the fact that I get all your misses
Diss this, put you on my shit list
What is this, sticking your nose up in my business
My bitches, mi sanchas, undercover mistress
That's right, playa
That's how it goes
Feria, yesca, hoes, how the river flows
Shows in big arenas (Fifth Sun rock the house)
Your bitch wantin' me to stick my dick in her mouth
Then jump in the limo, crack the window
Chingon {Ya, what? }
Blow up the indo
From S.D. to L.A., come to the valley
It's goin' down {Killer Cali}

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3: Coyote]
Simon, Cali
Lifestyle, west coast for ya
Beaches, women, jockin' for ya
Sounds right, hit the clubs, when I
Just ride
Nothin' but the truth
Bomb buds
Boulevards, Coups
Asses in, out of Daisy Dukes
Plenty cash
Plenty gangsters
Jura, what, all you gangsters
Blazing blunts
Bouncing Chevys
Estos vatos, lustin' ladies
Acting like it just ain't no thang
You know thugs pimp, clang, gang
Spit game a lot, to ladies in clubs
Who's with me
Do these thugs
Blaze that blunt, said "Bounce in that club"

[Chorus x4]

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