Been Thru It All Lyrics

Yeah nigga
Fiend nigga
Nineteen nigga nigga nigga what
Me and mr. magic in this motherf**ker
And let y'all know we done been thru it all

(verse 1) fiend

I done been thru it all lettin the dope pop
Meanin let that one drop
We left and slung rocks
Spit on cops before the sun drop
Behind 4 grams ?
Say no damn man no one stand
This ghetto coolant
Toss my hot shotty
In the veteran pen
Store bitches rent
Remove feds tappin my niggas benz
Burn twice the same bitch
So I guess I just burn twice
I kept on waterin it in light
For points hit with dice
My supper was eggs and rice
Badge up in my phone ribs
Retaliated that was just a block from my crib
Survive snitches that hate
Bitch that work with undercovers
Lost friends and my brothers
And I'm still tryin to cover

(chorus) fiend magic
I done been thru it all
So what you used to like kill niggas
I done been thru it all
So what you was like a dope dealer
Bitch I been thru it all
So what you used to like jack niggas
Nigga I been thru it all

(verse 2) magic

I think y'all niggas really f**ked up
I kill niggas I feel niggas I peel niggas
Thats not to mention what I did when I was a lil nigga
I been thru it all no nigga goin bother me
I was in the 7th grade actin reckless jackin niggas on canal street
I been in the game since a nigga was sellin puffers
I never watched a fight cause I was always in a scuffle
You cant out-hustle a hustler
I was born with this thug in my blood
And since it takes one to know one
Then show this nigga some love
Im a two thousand soldier
You can catch me in my navi blowin dolja
With a .45 by my side cause I can remember being vicious
It ain't been long since I've been broke so I kill a nigga for lookin suspicous
Paranoid about my money
Im tryin to make a couple a mill
So I can see how many lots I can fill
Its mr. f**kin m-a-g-i-c
And meant any you don't wanna f**k wit me
Cause I done been thru it all

(chorus) magic fiend

So what you was locked up or somethin
I been thru it all
Oh so you was the one who used to rock it up or somethin
Bitch I done been thru it all
Oh you the nigga that rob a nigga shop or somethin
I been thru it all

(verse 3) magic fiend

Man you niggas know me
I done been shot I done been stabbed
I done got jumped and f**ked up
Well I was kidnapped
Had a gat on my back
And used all my luck up
But still I'm in your face screamin 9th ward nigga
And I'm a 17 survivor hustlin for the bucks
You niggas is scared of me afraid of me
You don't want our troubles
They wanna prepare for me
Take care of me but our bullets come in couples
Yall remember these two niggas is causin the game
Or we goin cock bust and scream our?

(chorus) fiend magic

So what you was like a seventeen head buster
I been thru it all
Cause I know I was 9th ward dome crusher
I been thru it all
Man them niggas don't know us right
Bitch I been thru it all

Them niggas don't know us right
You gotta understand that though
Know what I'm sayin?

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