Freeze Tag


Freeze Tag Lyrics

[Verse 1: Slug]
Stop, hold it, freeze
They call me Daley, I get it nightly
Stay awake you never know where they might be
I get respect even when they don't like me
Just trying to find some WiFi to sext with the wifey
I wasn't born, I was hatched on the moon
Find me sleep backstage on a couch in the green room
Keep the motor running like there's something to prove
f*ck you gonna do when we bust some moves?

[Verse 2: Murs]
Stop, hold it, freeze
Until her momma come back like Jesus
I'mma do my very best to lead us
I got a pocket full of Norman Reedus
'Cause these zombies might try and eat us
And they must be braindead and drunk on their pain meds
To think that true love don't come in the same sex
Suplex 'em on they neck and be done with it
I'm politicking, but I'm trying to have fun with me

[Verse 3: Slug]
Stop hold it freeze
Oh please, don't anybody gotta treat me like an OG Oh geeze
I just want a backyard so I can grow a couple of trees
I'm not a rap star, I'm just a f*cker that's free
I've sang along to money earning Mount Vernon
At an English bar called Merlin's in Berlin
And uh, you might just be as cool as the wind
But you know I didn't intend to make new friends

[Verse 4: Murs]
Stop hold it freeze
I'm free-spirited, please don't take me serious
I ain't had sleep in a week, I'm so delirious
That good loving guaranteed to make some pretty babies
Thought I was off before, but now I'm really crazy
Psychopathic from mathematics to fabric felt
Those suckers grounded, they thought they had it, they mad as hell
Don't sleep like folks who ain't fans yet
My flow too deep, and they scared to get their pants wet

Hold on, hold on, let me see your motherf*cking hands
Where the f*ck y'all going?
Hey, put that down, stop!

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