Club Bang Lyrics (feat. Gyyps)

Let's go, let's go, let's go
Uh, dream, dream, dream, like you've never dreamt
I kill myself to stay relevant
Just so I can sleep effortless
Gotta twist up the evidence
Spliff tell I'm heaven sent

When the beat drop
I be on degrees like my tea pot
Girls know the team hot
227 g-spot
Blast through your beat box
Your rap game, Steve Jobs
Back pain, still pulling boats out the marina, uh
Sitting sideways
Sippin on sundays
Catching fade
Getting blazed in the shade, uh
She only trying to get wavy
Why my people so complacent?
I don't want pictures, I want paintings
These Felly raps bring helipads
Damn, you been through hell and back
I could probably break the map
When you rare as pterodactyl
Ashing on the porch, while Gyppsy ask for tattoos
My momma say we bad news
But shit y'all made me have to
I'm lo-, loading up a little Cali
Don't nobody kill nobody
Close to fame, and don't know how I feel about it
Through shades of Lennon, all I do is dream on
And say my prayers in attempts to be God
Doing the Devil his job
But guess who dealt you those odds?
So you should pack up your bags and get off the next stop
I swear these days, I've been dazed
They been lasting to long
Thinking that I might call it all off
I just wanna sip some juice with my girl
I don't wanna think about the world
But if the rain falls. the soil is fertile
I grow and die to it come full circle

Donut starving, beg my pardon, I'm a starving artist
My daddy said to join the fire department or the army
I never listen to my f*cking father
He gave me nothing but some f*cking problems
And all the cocaine, I saw it
Get the propane for my momma
She can grill steak in the mornin'
Haven't ate in days, so my brain is open
Can't see straight, so I'm hanging over
The paint is showing, the paint is golden
I got gold chains like David Bowie
No I didn't motherf*cking pay, I stole it
Going insane, ain't afraid to know it
In my garage, it's way deep in Canoga
Neighbor a gangster, her daughter a chola
I seen them titties, the window was open
Speaking in Spanish, quiero te boca
My passion, it burning, my momma concerned
'Bout the words that I'm spurting, when she hear my verses
I ain't too worried cause I got a plan to make all these fans f*cking worship in churches

We did it again! Did it again! We did it again! Shit, we fans, did it again! I hit the verse with a bong in my hand, I hit the verse with a bong in my hand

Now I'm drunk as f*ck, too turnt up to-

That's that 227 g-spot
That's that 227 g-spot
That's that 227 g-spot
That's that 227 g-spot
That's that 227 g-spot

Hit it, hit it

f*ckin', walkin', with a f*ckin' limp, aye
I ain't f*ckin with you f*ckin' cell, no
Me and Felly doin' shit like you, fam
Do this shit like we be doin' roll, bands

Sorry, then we, just hit it first time
Too hot, for you motha' f*ckas' (Goddamn it!) to compete with us, and we goin', in a f*ckin' yellow bus
Like The Beatles, like we f*ckin', uh, sippin margaritas

Where my 40 at? Where the f*ck my 40 at?
How the f*ck you feelin' with a baseball bat?
How the f*ck you feel me when debating on that? Aye
I be on train tracks, sippin' and smokin' on wack, aye
Sippin' and smokin' on wax, sippin' and smokin' my packs, uhh

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