Bout My Life Lyrics

[Man:] You need a vacation
[Woman:] I just had a vacation on the Harbor Freeway
No, no not in the cab, I mean you need to get your head straight
Get your unified self up, get harmonic
You know-
[Woman:] When was the last time you took a break?
[Man:] I go on a vacation all the time
[Woman:] How often?
A dozen times a day
It's my own private getaway
Things get heavy for me I take five minutes out, I just go there
[Felly:] Yeah
[Man:] And I just concentrate on actually living
[Felly:] Absolutely, dog

Imma only sip that tea if it's Irish
Get on my feet I'm done sitting in silence
I burn the weed until I feel the weight cover my eyelids
I try to sleep I keep awaking to sirens
I handle business solo
Pray to God that I can grow old
Have a family and some money on the low low
Had a homie recognize and ask me for a photo (what's up?)
Wonder why I'm special like there's something in the ozone
It's in my best interest to invest then leave
Cause people only admire the plant never the seed
So what'chu need?
I think I got it, used to wanna be a pilot
Now I get fly like every time I breathe
Picture me
Maybe it's killing me
Maybe I'm the only one not feeling me
Shoot for divinity and nothing less
My sixth sense sip that Hennessey till sick breath
And then I burn like the incense

Window shoppin'
Around the corner I'll be Janis Joplin
Strung out but still makin' profit
But ain't no Xany poppin'
I worked to hard for that shit
Rockin' cardigans bumpin' in a car full of kids
The most beautiful
Don't think my suitcase too suitable
Don't wanna leave, it feel like flyin' to my funeral
Rather hit the Gucci store than hit the L
And throw that Gucci out the window, only feel myself

Tryna be a shell on the beach with too much of a current
I give 'em dap and tell 'em "peace, I'll be gone don't'chu worry"
I'm in a hurry tryna leave school
Hangin' round with these fools
That only say some shit to try to make me think that be cool
But be cool
That girl gon' love you then she prolly gonna leave you
Last time that I was thinkin clear was prolly preschool
Everything I think is good, they callin' that shit evil
That stress keep me puffin' on illegal
But f*ck my conscience
I swear I'm only being honest when I say I'm givin' everything
I check my pockets, eyo
Ain't no poppin' a coffin until my throat silence
And there's no sirens
And I got closed eyelids

Let me give you everything you need
Tastin' something really stale in the air I breathe
Dreamt of dyin last night, I don't wanna leave
Gon' fight the good fight 'til my blood it bleed
Eyo, eyo

Cause I'm blue more than I'm bright (eyo, eyo)
Most of you dudes got more barkin' than bite
So don't be trippin' bout my life, Imma get this shit right
Maybe tomorrow will be better, let's get through the night

Eyo, eyo, eyo
Uh Uh
Eyo, eyo, eyo
Wakin' up to, wakin' up to
Uh, uh
(Yeah we cruisin through Bridgeport)
(What's up, can I call you back?)
(That's the shit we feelin')

Cause I'm blue more than I'm bright
Most of you dudes got more barkin' than bite
So don't be trippin' bout my life (Imma get this shit right)
So don't be trippin' bout my life

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