V.i.p (vagabonds In Power) Lyrics

Good evening, ladies and gentleman. Bonsoir, mesdames
et messieurs. Guten Abend, meine Damen und Herren.

We present to you today the greatest thing that ever
came out of Africa. We present to you today: Fela and
the Afrika 70. Playing a music that is backed with
politics, Fela and musicians travelling for the
emancipation of the black race all over the world. Fela
the musician, fighting not for money, but fighting for
justice, fighting against suffering, and fighting for
progress for his people.

This musician you are going to see this evening. And
it's going to be the beginning of a new history for you
and for us, because for a long time, very little has
been known about Africa (from Europe). Today, we open a
new page where you get an experience of a real African
music from this most wonderful, great musician. You're
going to see something very original--politically,
religiously, and musically.

And now, for an experience you've never heard before,
from the greatest musician we have just been speaking
about... I'm not going to keep you waiting too long!
I'm going to bring him in and you are going to remain
here, spellbound for many minutes, listening to the
most wonderful political music that ever came out of
any part of the world. From a musician called: Fela
Anikulapo Kuti. Here he comes!

[Fela intro]
You know, as a foreigner, I must be happy to be in
Berlin because when I'm in Berlin I'm here to learn
something new. I don't want to jive you hear tonight,
my friends, brothers, and sisters. I want to present
myself as an African. I want you to look at me as
something new, that you do not have any knowledge
about. Because most--99.9 percent--of the information
you get about Africa is wrong.

Someone told me, he says, "If you're African, why are
you wearing European dresses?" I say to him, "You
cannot say it is European dresses because that is a
matter of history. And that is only for a symposium
discussion in future." Brothers and sisters, friends,
I'm gonna play a tune. I want to play a tune that is
called: VIP. VIP means 'Very Important Personality'.
Somebody, a great man, ha ha.

But you see, this VIP is one that get too rich. They do
not want to see the ordinary man on the street who is
poor. (If you don't understand my language, I'm sorry,
I can't help you. If you do not want to hear, other
people want to hear. And it is the right of all human
beings to respect other people's feelings.) For me, I
give them a name--VIP--means... 'Vagabonds in Power'.

I want you all to get in the groove of this sound now.
Let's all clap with the rhythm so we can feel it. Let's
go now, ready! Thank you. Now we feel it. Now we can
now move...

Very Important Person!


"Very Important Person"
Mean say na power
Mean na sole sole power
Him be special person

But everybody get him power (Everywhere!)
Everybody get him power (Everywhere!)
I say, everybody get him power (Everywhere!)
Everybody get him power (Everywhere!)

Part one, coming...

Omolanke pusher
Him get him power
Over him omolanke (Everywhere!)

Molue driver
Him get him power
Over him bus and conductor (Everywhere!)

Businessman nko?
Him get him power
Over employee and employer (Everywhere!)

Inspector General
Him get him power
Over different different recruits (Everywhere!)

Kalakuta President
Him get him power
Over Kalakuta Empire (Everywhere!)

Head of State nko?
Him get him power
Over him own country (Everywhere!)

Part two, coming...

Man get power
Him take am
Talk nonsense
Ha ha, why?

I don't know!

Man get power
Him take am
Cheat person
Ha ha, why?

I don't know!

Man get power
Him take am
Steal money
Ha ha, why?

I don't know!

You don't know anything at all
You just my brother, ha ha
Try this one:

Ha ha!

Him no know hungry people
Him no know jobless people
Him no know homeless people
Him no know suffering people

Him go dey ride best car
Him go dey chop best food
Him go dey live best house
Him go dey waka for road
You go dey commot for road for am
Him go dey steal money

Na "Vagabond in Power"!

Him be wrong man
Na "Vagabond in Power"
I say him be wrong man
Na "Vagabond in Power"
I say him be wrong man
Na "Vagabond in Power"
I say him be wrong man
Na "Vagabond in Power"

[Fela outro]
I just had some news that my country, Nigeria, they are
going to watch this show tonight. And I hope they are
watching this show now.

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Songwriter(s): Fela Anikulapo Kuti
Record Label(s): 2009 Fela Anikulapo Kuti Estate Kft
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